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Dingo Enterprises

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Dingo Enterprises
Type Conglomerate
Industry Manufacturing, asset holding, architecture, luxury retail
Founded 1497 AN
Headquarters Lindstrom City, Natopia
Products Widgets, luxury goods, architecture

Dingo Enterprises is one of the oldest private companies in Natopia. Started by Nathan Waffel-Paine it remains under control of his descendants, although the structure and operation of the company has remained secretive for its entire history. It began business on Micras in 1497 selling widgets, small useless trinkets that were a fad until 1510. Widgets were a thinly veiled alternative taxing mechanism, to ensure Natopos paid out as salaries returned back to the government treasury. Widgets had no purpose except to be inserted into one's forum signature to show wealth. Dingo Enterprises sponsors the Natopia national football team.

Board of Trustees

The organizational structure of parent company Dingo Enterprises has been unclear for decades. When Nathan Waffel-Paine died in 1607, the company's ownership was split between his sons, Nathaniel Ayreon-Kalirion and Naian Waffel-Paine. Since that time, there have been no public announcements of the company's ownership and business analysts believe the private shares have remained with the descendants of those original heirs. Governance of the company is handled by an Executive Director, elected every year by a Board of Trustees. The meetings are private, and it is unknown if Waffel-Paine family members actually attend or vote by proxy by hiring more business-minded individuals to manage their share of the company. In 1691, a janitor at Dingo Tower in Lindstrom sold a verified copy of the minutes of a board meeting to a tabloid for ₦1,000,000 (plus covering his legal fees when Dingo Enterprises sued him for breech of contract) that revealed the trustees and their shares of ownership for the first time.

Board List


  • Dingo & Co.: Jewelers, luxury goods designer and retailer.
  • Dingo Architects, Designs, and Planning: Residential and civic architecture, urban planning, and civil engineering.
  • Grandpa Dingo's Old Fashioned Widget Wholesale Department Store: Fine purveyor of useless, yet utterly desirable, widgets.
  • Dingo Publishing House
  • Phineas McCockeral's Ice Cream and Small Pet Emporium: Get an ice cream cone and a bunny in the same store! Parents hate us!
  • Lindstrom Square Mercantile: Apparel design and retail.
  • Dingo Industries
  • Dingo Engineering Aerospace Division: Aerospace manufacturer part of the Allied Production Matrix
  • Dingo Exploration Corporation: Passenger and commercial space transportation.

Former Subsidiaries

  • Aeronautics and Space Shipyards: Integrated in to the Natopian Defense Force Spacefleet's research and development departments.
  • The Natopian News Network: Private ownership divested.
  • The Blue Hole: A now-defunct Alrodrian newspaper.
Proof sheet of widgets