Kian Aiomide Shahnaz

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Kian in 1688 AN

Kian Aiomide Shahnaz, born 24.I.1667 in Shirekeep, is the second sibling of Kaiseress Salome, the second in line to the throne of Shireroth, and member of the Imperial Family of Shireroth. The child of Kaiser Ayreon IV and the Imperial Mother (then titled Imperial Concubine) Lady Isidora IV of Octavius-Teleni. Identical twin of Kir Azariah Vidar. She also has a younger brother, Prince Rubin Leonid Orientalis (born 1671).


In the decree announcing the birth of twins Kir and Kian, Kaiser Ayreon IV wrote: "The younger of the two, We have named Kian Aiomide Shahnaz; Kian after Prince Kian who became Kaiser Los I, of good and noble memory, the first Kalirion to sit on this throne, Aiomide after the first Kaiser of the Octavian dynasty to which the child's mother belongs, and Shahnaz, for the child is the ruler's pride."


As the child of a Kaiser, Kian is entitled to the style Imperial Highness and the title Princess of Shireroth. Named Countess of Amity in 1673. She chose to renounce her title to Amity in 1687 AN, and was granted an endowment to build a new Holodomatic nome in the Imperial Capital, the Nome to the Releaser of Cares beyond the Blue. She is also Lord Baron of Varmland.

In late 1698, her brother Kir, Prince of Whales, gave her the title of Lady of SenkyōwanZauberförde and the deed over the same lordship in Whales, in a spat he had with their eldest sister, Salome.