Isidora Octavius-Teleni

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Isidora IV of Octavius-Teleni is the mother of Kaiseress Salome and the former concubine of Kaiser Ayreon IV. She is a member of the House of Octavius. She is titled The Imperial Mother and is second in rank in Shireroth only to her daughter Salome.

She grew up with Kaiser Ayreon IV on the Montrano estate and was considered a playfriend to him. She has been in the employ of the Imperial Court for all her life, becoming the personal secretary to the Kaiser in 1663. In 1664, the Kaiser asked her to marry him. The Imperial Advisory Council considered the imperial lineage of Isidora to not be "high enough" but she accepted the proposal of becoming the Kaiser's concubine instead, which occurred the same year. In 1667, she became Chamberlain of the Imperial Household, the highest official in the household other than the Kaiser.

She held this position until 1702, but during her tenure became increasingly reliant upon Mira III of Octavius-Aryani, Countess of Shirekeep, after 1685 AN to act in her name. This roughly coincided with the Funeral of Kaiser Ayreon IV and her decision to permanently relocate her residence to the Valley of Mors. In 1702, the Kaiseress finally removed her from the position and replaced her with Evgeniya Sotnikova, the Countess of Schwinn.

She has four children with Kaiser Ayreon IV: