Rubin Leonid Orientalis

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Rubin Leonid Orientalis
Painting Rubin Leonid Orientalis.1720.png
Full name Rubin Leonid Orientalis Ayreon-Kalirion ibn al-Majeed al-Osman bin Sathrati of Waffel-Paine
AKA Prince Rubin
Physical information
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair color and style Blond
Eye color Blue
Skin color White
Biographical information
Father Kaiser Ayreon IV
Mother Isidora IV of Octavius-Teleni
Spouse Lyudmila Maksimilianova-Shvinnskaya (b. 1669; m. 1694)
Children Atreyu (b. 1695)
Valdemar (b. 1697)
Farzana Casimira (b. 1701)
Date of birth 1671 (aged 58)
Place of birth Kezan
Residence(s) Raynor's Keep
Nationality Shireroth, Natopian, Hurmu
Allegiance(s) Golden Mango Throne
Occupation Heir-presumtive to the Kaisership
Rubin in 1688 AN.

Rubin Leonid Orientalis (born 1671) is the youngest sibling of Kaiseress Salome and the youngest child of Kaiser Ayreon IV and his concubine Lady Isidora IV of Octavius-Teleni. He was born prematurely in Kezan, a few weeks after the death of his father.

Among his siblings, Rubin has maintained the longest and strongest relationship with the House of Octavius. Of the four, he was the only one born in Kezan. As a child, he had a weak constitution. This, in addition to a desire to keep the family separated for their own protection, led to Rubin remaining in Kezan until 1686 AN. Even as an adult, Rubin has had a noticeably slight build and below-average stature.

In 1686 AN, instead of proceeding on to the academy, Rubin chose to travel to Lachlan and pledge his service to his eldest sister, Salome, then overseeing the last stages of reconquering the Guttuli. Salome allowed Rubin to witness the end stages of the Imperial Expedition to the Guttuli. Following her triumph, she appointed him Lord Lieutenant to Hawshire and the Kezanese Isles. This catapulted Rubin into his government career, coordinating between the Kezanese government, the Imperial government, the Antican Diaspora Society, and various other local and international groups.

In early, his sister Salome gave her approval to his betrothal to Lady Lyudmila Maksimilianova-Shvinnskaya. The two married in, by Shirerithian court standards, a low-key ceremony in Raynor's Keep on 3.VII.1694. In attendance, aside from the bride's family and friends, were members of the Imperial Family, and – on Rubin's insistence – Rubin's exiled brother Kir with wife and son.

On 12.I.1695, Rubin's wife Lyudmila gave birth to a son. Although premature, the child, named Atreyu Maximilian Octavius, was in good health. On 19.II.1697, a second son, named Valdemar al-Aziz, was born. On 17.II.1701, Lyudmila gave birth to a daughter, Farzana Casimira.


He was given the name Rubin, "for he has seen my grief" (in the words of his mother, as he was born during her grief for the late kaiser), Leonid for being the son of Ayreon (which is Elw for "lion"), and Orientalis for being born in the East.


As the son of a Kaiser, Rubin is entitled to the style of His Serenity (prior to 1704, His Imperial Highness) and the title Prince of Shireroth. Furthermore, he was made Count of Mirioth in 1673. He chose to renounce his title to Mirioth in 1687 AN, and was appointed Lord Lieutenant to Hawshire and the Kezanese Isles.

He is also Lord Baron of Varmland.

Honors and Awards