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Mirioth is an island in the Yardistani Archipelago

Origins and Etymology

Mirioth was a project of Erik Mortis's, beginning probably as early as mid-2000. During some periods, it had its own forum, although it was never an independent country. When the MCS created its Series One maps, Mirioth was added as an island near Amity.


Mirioth enjoys a climate similar to that of Hawaii, with a central jungle and beautiful beaches. It has many mountains and an odd coastline dotted with complex bays.


Mirioth has been Shirerithian from the beginning of time until the present day. It is considered the Holy Land for BO0O/\/\ists/Cedrists, and Shireroth's main BO0O/\/\ist temple is located there. Mirioth has always been part of the Duchy of Yardistan, and is now a major part of the Barony of the Holy Lands of Shireroth.