Simran ibn al-Majeed

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Simran ibn al-Majeed bin Sathrati (1450–1539) was a Babkhan-born Elwynnese and Shirerithian nobleman and military leader. Born Simran ibn al-Majeed as the son of Majeed bin Salman, a Baatharzi merchant, in Vey, Babkha, he followed Ardashir Khan Osmani in the campaign to overtake Elwynn in 1488. The campaign succeeded, and Simran relocated to Elwynn/Shireroth permanently. He commanded Elwynnese troops during the Elfinshi War (1488–1489), and the War of Vengeance (1508–1509), and was well decorated for his services.

For his services, in 1537, Kaiser Hasan I bestowed the epithet bin Sathrati (son of Shireroth in Babkhi) upon Simran.


A list of some of this descendants, women are italicised.