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Kaiser Aiomide

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Kaiser Aiomide
Aiomide Oqtavion
Kaiser aiomide.png
Former Kaiser of Shireroth
Began 1602 (election)
Ended 1608 (died)
Predecessor Steward Shyriath Bukolos
Successor Kaiseress Semisa II
Steward Shyriath Bukolos (1602–1606)
Regent or Ruling Steward Mira of Octavius-Aryani (1606–1608)
Imperial Bloodline Kalir and Octavius
Physical description
Species Human
Biographical information
Father Azarja Kalirion-Alnavion
Mother Zoe Octavia
Issue See here
Date of birth 1553
Place of birth Eliria, Elwynn
Date of death 1608
Place of death Raynor's Keep, Shirekeep
Kaiser Aiomide
Former Senator of Elwynn and Senator of the Lakes
Tenure began 1583
Tenure ended 1599 (in Elwynn 1600)
Senate(s) IV
Physical description
Biographical information

Kaiser Aiomide (Aiomide Oqtavion, or Aiomide Octavius, born in Eliria in 1553, died in Shirekeep in 1608) was Kaiser of Shireroth (1602–1608) and previously a politician in independent Elwynn.


Aiomide Oqtavion was born in Eliria to Zoe Octavia (Зоои Оћтавион) and Azarja Kalirion-Alnavion.

Zoe Octavia passed on to Aiomide the Lordship of House Octavius, and so when he reached adulthood, Aiomide adopted an Elwynnized form of that family name. Azarja was a cadet member of the Line of Kalir, a descendant of a younger son of Kaiser Los II. His family, Kalirion-Alnavion, was a minor noble house with properties in Wintergleam, but resided in a townhouse in Eliria due to the fact that his family supported the claim of Free Elwynn. Zoe and Azarja had become familiar with one another during the period of Antica-Elwynn friendship, in which Zoe Octavia served as an adviser to the Antican Minister to Elwynn. They named their child Aiomide, after the mythological Elw hero and the namesake of the Aiomidean Elwynn, a tributary of the White Elwynn.

Childhood stuff. Education. Rise.

Senate Career

In 1583, following the retirement of his mother from political life, Aiomide Oqtavion became more involved in Elwynnese politics. He was appointed to the Senate by Prince Daniel. In 1585, Aiomide was elected to serve as President of the Senate. In 1587, he stepped down from the presidency in favor of Lord Erion after only two years, due to the death of his mother. He concentrated more fully on the affairs of his family's estate as well as the Antican Diaspora community that had been growing in Elwynn.

Aiomide continued to serve in the backbenches of the Senate until 1601, when he was assigned by Prince Daniel to analyze an outbreak an invasive species of cabbage in South Alalehzamin. This brought Aiomide to national attention when it became clear that the genetically-modified cabbage had a dangerously toxic haploid form that rapidly consumed and collapsed the ecosystems of Alalehzamin, the Imperial County, Holwinn, and Woodshire. The toxins also drove man and beast into process of neurological degeneration named brassicosis, which resulted in a loss of reasoning skills, increased aggressiveness, hallucinations, and cannibalistic hunger.

Vowing to direct the full resources of the Imperial Republic to combat this threat, Aiomide was elected Kaiser by the Landsraad. He retained a seat in the Elwynnese Senate until his disavowment of Elwynn in 1607 AN.


Through Imperial Decree 610, Mira Raynora decreed that she would abdicate the throne, but not in favour of her recently-appointed Steward. Instead she stipulated that the "people of Shireroth" should select a Kaiser by "whatever means they deem fit". Under Article II of the Charter, it fell to the Landsraad to elect a Kaiser. Nominations and voting on the first Kaiserial election in Shirerithian history took place over around ten days, and the final result was six votes for Aiomide Oqtavion, four for his main rival Balarak Alaion, one for Jonas, none for Warner Barentsz and two abstentions.

During the course of voting, Aiomide made a speech detailing his plans for the Kaisership and justifying his claim - the only nominee to do so, besides, perhaps, the Mad-Kaiser Mahamantot (Jonas). As an Elwynnese and in the context of the Cabbage Crisis, Aiomide saw the need to stress the mutually beneficial nature of Elwynn's close relationship with Shireroth as an Imperial State while distancing himself from the Eliria Clique. He pledged not to favour one group over another, and only time will tell whether his electoral promises will be adhered to.


Aiomide's rule saw the end of Cabbage Crisis, in which much of the city of Shirekeep was heavily damaged. Taking this as an opportunity, the Kaiser started investing into the history of the ancient capital and brought back much of the information about Raynor's Keep that was lost in time [1].

His rule saw the short-lived membership of Pangeus, an Imperial State on another world, before contact was once again lost. The representatives of the Pangeans, however, reacted on this situation by taking over the Kildarian administration. Taodosius I of Pangeus forced Dutchess Ignatia of her throne and took power in own hands.

It was in that period of chaos in Kildare, that the first news arrived of an invasion from the Apollonian plains into Kildare, which meant the start of the Garllic War. The Imperial Court, however, didn't react on the threat (yet), as it was seen to be the duty of the new Kildarian Dutch, Taodosius, to gather and lead the troops into combat.


While Aiomide initially claimed full membership in the Kalir bloodline, he broke his family away through Imperial Decree 635 to form the new Line of Octavius.

Preceded by:
Shyriath Bukolos (as Steward)
Succession of the Shirithian Kaisership
Succeeded by
Semisa II