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The Landsraad meets in the Palace of Zirandorthel

The Landsraad is the highest and oldest legislative body in Shireroth. Presided over by the Prætor (currently Tinker Sprocket, Count of Machinaria), the imperial electors (as the members of the Landsraad are called) meet in the Hall of Oratory in the Palace of Zirandorthel in Shirekeep to make laws, elect the Steward, and make important resolutions. Compared to the Adelsraad, the Folksraad, and the legislative powers of the Steward, the Landsraad is the most powerful body of them all.

For more information, see the Shirewiki article: Landsraad


Members are officially titled Imperial Electors. Those marked as unseated have yet to give oaths to the Living Kaiser or have yet to have those oaths received, as stipulated in Imperial Decree "Landsraad Reform", Article 1, and thus are eligible for a seat on the Landsraad but have yet to be seated.

Position Title Name Faction
Kaiseress Imperial Princess of Shireroth
Emira of Sathrati
Duchess of Brookshire
Duchess of the Guttuli
Marchioness of Zy-Rodun
Salome Ylva Octavia Kaiseress
Member Duchess of Goldshire Anna Nur Pinito Caprici Democratic/Conservative
Member Duke of Demonsfall Nathaniel Kalimatov Waffel-Paine Bovic
Member Dutch of Kildare Jin of San Kildare
Member Dutch of Vigeland Marcus Avon-El Myksos Ayreonist
Member Duchess of Jingdao Xinshi Heavenly Light Kildare
Member Duchess of Jinkeai Liu of Pei Kildare
Member Duke of Raynor's Isles Faustus of Tullas Kildare
Member Duke of Outer Antya Claudius of Nan Kildare
Member Duke of Brandenburg Aurangzeb Hakimi bin Alsalam Vinandy-Alsalam
Member Duke of 's Koningenwaarde Frederik Alfons des Vinandy Vinandy-Paravel
Member Duke of Gascony Hendrik Leopold des Vinandy Vinandy
Member Marquise of Musica Gošenei Uarpxu Laqi
Member Marquess of Sentratera Utas Enrique Naian Ayreonist
Member Marquis of Overmark Ahim Dźasbatyqu Laqi
Member Marquis of the Eldars Idar Daġededqu Laqi
Member Count Palatine of Kezan Soraya II Octavius-Parini
Viscountess Montrano
Member Count Palatine of Draconia John Hilding Waffel-Paine Unaffiliated
Member Count Palatine of Highpass Ozymandias Niit n Taag Unaffiliated
Member Count of Furniture Ari Kaukainen Unaffiliated
Unseated Count Bukolos Unknown Unseated[1]
Member Countess of Shirekeep Mira (III) Octavius-Aryani Loyalist
Member Count of Erudition Daniyal ibn Daniyal Nationalist–Humanist
Prætor Count of Machinaria
Viscount Sprocket of Machinaria
Tinker Sprocket Unaffiliated
Member Count Pasdaran
Viscount Sadri of Pasdaran
Mahmood Ali Caprici Maleki Democratic/Conservative
Member Count Palatine of Mirioth and Amity Aurangzeb Tokaraizadeh al-Osman Nationalist–Humanist
Member Count of Woodshire Cassian Holly-Wythe Loyalist
Member Count of Schwinn
Viscount of Hope
Mikhail Maksimilianov-Shvinnskiy Loyalist
Member Count of the Isen Hills
Viscount Pshevunin
Matti Pshevunin Loyalist
Member Count of Lowbrook Lyn Ityqu Laqi
Member Count of Sentris Selmen Dengiqu Laqi
Member Count of the Evensong Cathal Nellisco Unaffiliated
Member Count of Eth Lune Kyt Tḥak'ušynin Laqi
Member Count of Riß and the Isles Wadzym Gireiqu Laqi
Member Count of Camoleo Xuan of the Golden Tribe Kildare
Member Viscount Myn Tanilo Nakita Nur Pinito Democratic/Conservative
Unseated Viscount Kern Benjamin Kern Unseated[2]
Member Viscountess Cherokee Miriam Marenai-Eqlarion al-Osman Democratic/Conservative
Member Viscount Thalva Łudo Thalva Human ecology
Member Viscountess Morgenstern Sara bi Rathak Loyalist
Member Viscount Zelteġwebze Selmen Dengiqu Laqi
Member Viscountess of Irenaea Liese Aethonia Loyalist
Member Viscount of Gaton Admir bi Łestkin Laqi
Member Viscount of Ankh Daute Idarqu Laqi
Member Viscount of Mesior Aloys Serratus Loyalist
Member Viscountess of Lumenetra Esmeralda al-Osman Primo de Aguilar Nationalist–Humanist
Member Viscountess of Novosorensk Ariane Ischyria Teleniis Loyalist
Member Viscountess of Kelb Mila Tupschina Loyalist
  1. ^ Holder of peerage is currently unconfirmed; as such, there is no one to whom the Prætor may issue a writ of summons.
  2. ^ Has not yet sworn the necessary oath and subsequently taken up their seat.

Landsraad Rule

The Landsraad has at various times in Shireroth's history (briefly) ruled the country in lieu of the Kaiser, usually when the Golden Mango Throne was vacant after the demise or abdication of the Kaiser of Shireroth and the Landsraad was in the process of electing the next Kaiser, or in the case of 1475, electing a Ruling Steward while the imperial succession was worked out. The last Landsraad rule was in 1644, following the demise of Kaiser Dominus during the Oustfest Massacre. The Landsraad elected Noor to be Shireroth's Kaiseress.

Preceded by:
Kaiser Letifer I
Succession of the Shirithian Kaisership
Succeeded by
Steward Nikkolo
Preceded by:
Kaiser Wylþeow I
Succession of the Shirithian Kaisership
Succeeded by
Kaiser Lacrymosa II
Preceded by:
Kaiser Trantor IV
Succession of the Shirithian Kaisership
Succeeded by
Kaiser Mo'll I
Preceded by:
Kaiser Mors IV
Succession of the Shirithian Kaisership
Succeeded by
Kaiser Sehml
Preceded by:
Kaiser Verion I
Succession of the Shirithian Kaisership
Succeeded by
Kaiser Daniel III
Preceded by:
Kaiser Dominus Tarjeisson
Succession of the Shirithian Kaisership
Succeeded by
Kaiseress Noor