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Provincial Assemblies of Greater Kildare

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The Provincial Assembly in Daocheng.

The Provincial Assemblies of Greater Kildare are a spiritual successor of the Provincial Assemblies of the Great Jing and were re-established in 1717 AN, after having been disbanded in 1704 AN by the syndicalists. The Assemblies - of which there is one in each Imperial State in Greater Kildare - act as advisory bodies to the ruling nobility. While advisory in nature, Minister Li Suyi came to an agreement with local authorities during the Chastisement of the Hereditary Lords that the Assemblies would hold the right to vote on the State budget, which effectively gave them a certain degree of authority over state affairs.

The distribution of votes for each assembly is based upon the outcome of the general Shirerithian elections of both the Adelsraad and Folksraad. The political parties send a representative, based on their successes in those general elections. The number of seats and voting power is tripled in the Assembly, compared to their numbers in the Adelsraad. Every noble has the right for petition at the Assembly.