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Ministry of Information

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Ministry of Information

[[File:|border|200px|Seal of the Ministry.]]

Agency overview
Formed 1723 AN
Preceding agency Under the Ministry of Interior as Department
Type Imperial Ministry
Jurisdiction Imperial Republic of Shireroth
Headquarters TBA, Shirekeep
Employees TBA
Annual budget TBA
Agency executives Ambrose Verreitzsch,
Minister of Trade
Parent agency Imperial Government
Child agencies
  • Commission for the National School Curriculum
  • Commission for the Development of Technology
Functions Trade and Labour

The Ministry of Information is a government ministry in the Imperial Republic of Shireroth, responsible for overseeing the nation's information and communications systems. The minister is responsible for implementing policies aimed at promoting the free flow of information (as long as this aligns with the government's ideals), developing technology, and ensuring the accuracy and reliability of information disseminated within the empire. The Ministry of Information plays a crucial role in promoting education, innovation, and progress in Shireroth and has been on the forefront to counter Benacian propaganda.


The Ministry of Information consists of two commissions:

  • Commission for the National School Curriculum: This commission is responsible for developing and implementing the national curriculum for schools across the empire. The commission works closely with educators, experts, and community leaders to ensure that the curriculum is relevant, rigorous, and aligned with the needs of the empire.
  • Commission for the Development of Technology: This commission is responsible for promoting and regulating the development of technology within the empire. The commission works closely with private sector partners, research institutions, and other government agencies to encourage innovation, investment, and collaboration in the field of technology. Since the 1710's, there has been a bigger focus on being less reliant on foreign - and especially Benacian - technological advances.

The Ministry of Information also works closely with other government agencies, such as the Ministry of Military Affairs and the Ministry of External Relations, to ensure that information and communication policies align with the broader goals of the empire.

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