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Foreign relations of Shireroth

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Country Year Missions Comment
Aemilia Aemilia No relations.
Aerla Aerla No relations.
Anahuaco Anahuaco 1711 Raspur Pact
Ashinthael Ashinthael No relations.
Bassaridia Vaeringheim Bassaridia Vaeringheim No relations.
Benacian Union Benacian Union 1702
TBA (Raspur Pact, spat on Isor and Cimmeria, etc.) Relations took a huge blow following the deaths of Princes Rubin and Ichirō in 1730, whereafter relations were completely frozen with a risk of war overhanging.
Çakaristan Çakaristan 1711
Relations established in 1711 by the signing of the Treaty of Raynor's Keep. Treaty on relations finalized in 1713.
Calbion Calbion 1697
Cerulea Cerulea No relations. Future relations possible
Constancia Constancia 1636
Raspur Pact. See also Foreign relations of Constancia
Craitland Craitland 1525 Treaty of Osĵätoņ (1608). Relations broken off in the 1640s after Craitland's alignment with the USSO. Agreement reassuming diplomatic relations (1661). Since then, cordial and constructive relations.
Daau Daau No relations.
Dark Berry Islands Dark Berry Islands No relations.
Eternia Eternia No relations.
Floria Floria 1652 For traditional reasons from the days when Floria was a Shirerithian protectorate, the Shirerithian embassy is located in Dragonmoor. In 1727, Floria left the Raspur Pact, and was since then not considered an ally any more, but a third country.
Hexarchy Hexarchy No relations.
Hurmu Hurmu 1690
See also Foreign relations of Hurmu and Hurmu–Shireroth relations.
Imperial Federation Imperial Federation 1706 Raspur Pact
International Mandate International Mandate 1687
Kalgachia Kalgachia 1653
Kurum Ash-Sharqia Kurum Ash-Sharqia No relations.
Lac Glacei Lac Glacei No relations.
Meckelnburgh Meckelnburgh No relations.
Mercury Mercury Unknown Mercury Shirekeep (e)
Shireroth Mercury (e)
Mondosphere Mondosphere 1660 Raspur Pact
Moorland Moorland 1719 Raspur Pact
Natopia Natopia ?
Raspur Pact
New Batavia New Batavia
Normark Normark 1703 Raspur Pact. See also Foreign relations of Normark
Nouvelle Alexandrie Nouvelle Alexandrie 1685
Raspur Pact. See also Foreign relations of Nouvelle Alexandrie
Oportia Oportia 1729 Raspur Pact
Polonias Polonias 1730 Raspur Pact
Saint Salvation Saint Salvation No relations.
Sanama Sanama 1671
Cordial relations. Applicable section of the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation between Sanama and Shireroth is considered by Shireroth to still be in effect. See also Foreign relations of Sanama.
Senya Senya 1611
Attempts at normalizing relations occurred in 1608 and 1611. In 1611, there were issues on borders and bloodsports. The Landsraad attempted to condemn Senya for its condemnation of the practice, but the Kaiser inducted the President of Senya into the Order of Griffin instead, recognizing the President’s “statesmanlike behaviour”. See also Foreign relations of Senya
South Sea Islands South Sea Islands No relations.
Suren Suren 1692 Raspur Pact.
Tellia Tellia 1671
Three Kingdoms Three Kingdoms No relations.
Vegno Vegno 1718 Raspur Pact.
Zeed Zeed 1702 Raspur Pact.