Gaelen's Landing

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Gaelen's Landing
File:Coa Gaelens Landing.png
Population: 27,050
Predominant language: Præta (official), Jingaoese (official)
Audente, Istvanistani (tolerated)

Main roads: Duke's Avenue, Chidao Street
Major districts:

Current mayor: Jin San, of the House of San (Lord of Gaelen's Landing)

File:Map of Gaelens Landing.png

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Gaelen's Landing is a picturesque sea town in the Zhaoqin Province of Jingdao. It's a popular tourist attraction, and one of the few places where a statue of a Shirerithian Kaiser was not destroyed during the Revolution of 1617 (earning itself a special spot on the watchlist of the Tegong). Due to its history, it was chosen as capital of the Dutchy of Kildare.

Notable infastructure