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Nation: Floria
Population: 15,131,431
Predominant language: English, Florian, Martimo

Main roads:
Major districts:

Current mayor:
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Dragonmoor is the state capital of Southland. It is known for being a strategic hub for Shireroth during the War of Lost Brothers, its loyalty recognized with the epithet of "Loyal City of Dragonmoor". Furthermore, the Shirerithian High Commissioner in Floria was raised to the Imperial Peerage as Viscountess Dragonmoor (a now extinct title). Loyalty to the state of Shireroth and its allies is still very evident to this day with the city being the hub of the Nationalist and Humanist movement in Floria. It is regarded as Floria's second most important city after Northcliff. It roughly has a population of 13 million people and is known for warm climates, cultural diversity and a large nightlife presence.


Dragonmoor at night

Pre War of Lost Brothers

Modern day Dragonmoor


Dragonmoor is the provincial capital of Southland and is the second-largest city in Floria.