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Ministry of External Relations

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Ministry of External Relations

[[File:|border|200px|Seal of the Ministry.]]

Agency overview
Formed 1723 AN
Preceding agency
Type Imperial Ministry
Jurisdiction Imperial Republic of Shireroth
Headquarters TBA, Shirekeep
Employees TBA
Annual budget TBA
Agency executives Sanada Taro,
Minister of External Affairs
Parent agency Imperial Government
Child agencies
  • Imperial Commission for International Diplomacy
  • Imperial Commission for Communications with the Green
  • Imperial Commission for the Raspur Pact
Functions Imperial and territorial defence

The Ministry of External Relations, formerly known as Ministry of the Exterior and still referred to as MiniEx, is a government ministry in the Imperial Republic of Shireroth, responsible for handling the nation's foreign affairs. The ministry is headed by the Minister of External Relations, who was originally appointed by the Kaiser but since the Kalirion Fracture as Member of the elected government.


The Ministry of External Relations has three main commissions that work under its purview:

  • Commission for International Diplomacy: This commission is responsible for maintaining relations with other nations and international organizations. It works to promote Shireroth's interests abroad, negotiates treaties and agreements, and represents the nation at international gatherings. The commission also provides advice and support to Shirerithian citizens living or traveling abroad.
  • Commission for Communications with the Green: This commission is responsible for maintaining relations with the Green, the few remaining tribes and disorganised unrecognised nations left on Micras. The commission works to ensure peaceful coexistence between Shireroth and the Green, and seeks to protect merchants and travelers in those territories. Due to the increased colonisation of the Green since the 1700's, this Commission has become more or less a glorified desk job to please a family member of a wealthy commoner of noble.
  • Commission for the Raspur Pact: This commission is responsible for managing Shireroth's membership in the Raspur Pact, a military alliance of nations dedicated to mutual defense and cooperation. The commission worked closely with the militaries of other member states to coordinate joint operations and ensure the security of the alliance. Since 1710, the Commission has been pushing to counter the Benacian Union's influence in the organisation. Its perceived failures to do so, has made the public's sentiments towards the organisation negative and even hostile, especially after the death of two Princes in 1730.

Subsidiary Organizations

The Ministry of External Relations originally held several subsidiary organizations, including:

  • SHINE: Shireroth's intelligence service, which was responsible for gathering and analyzing information related to foreign governments, organizations, and individuals. However, due to a lack of trust in the Minister of External Relations, SHINE was removed from the ministry's jurisdiction and now reports directly to the Kaiser.
  • DiploCorps: An organization of ambassadors placed in foreign countries to maintain a Shirerithian presence and provide updates on local events. While the DiploCorps is still technically active, it is rarely utilized at its full potential due to a lack of resources and funding.

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