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Ministry of Military Affairs

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Ministry of Military Affairs

[[File:|border|200px|Seal of the Ministry.]]

Agency overview
Formed 1718 AN
Preceding agency
Type Imperial Ministry
Jurisdiction Imperial Republic of Shireroth
Headquarters MoMA Main Building, Shirekeep
Employees TBA
Annual budget TBA
Agency executives Zhao Feng,
Minister of Military Affairs
Parent agency Imperial Government
Child agencies
  • Imperial Commission for the Defence of Eastern Benacia
  • Imperial Commission for the Defence of Apollonia
  • Imperial Commission for the Defence of Batavia and Outlying Dominions and Territories
Functions Imperial and territorial defence


Under the Thuylemans Government:
  • The Admirable Zhao Feng, Lord of Nangang, as Minister of Military Affairs
    • The Good Dariush Parvish from Lulin Province, as Commissioner for the Defence of Eastern Benacia;
    • The Honourable Wu Hei from Xianbei Province, as Commissioner for the Defence of Apollonia;
    • The Admirable Rudolf Meyskens, Lord of Nesse, as Commissioner for the Defence of Batavia and Outlying Dominions and Territories.


List of Ministers of Military Affairs

Minister's Name Kaiser Tenure
Lyssansa Rossheim Kaiser Trantor IV 1608–1610
Laqi Hyrrion Kaiser Mo'll I 1610–1613
Aeneas Malak Kaiser Mors IV 1613–1614
Barend Barentsz Kaiser Mors IV 1614–1616
Mordechai Kraut Kaiser Sehml 1616–1617
Aasmund Vigeland Kaiser Redquill 1617–1620
Jacob Darylion-Verion Kaiseress Isa IV, Kaiser Ayreon III, Kaiser Verion I,
Kaiser Daniel III, Kaiseress Kizzy
Jacobus Loki Kaiseress Kizzy, Kaiser Raynor XII 1629–1633
Layla Verion Kaiser Brrapa VII, Kaiser Hjalmar 1633–1639
Thorgils Tarjeisson Kaiser Hjalmar, Kaiser Hjalmar Redquill, Kaiser Dominus 1636–1644
Ludovic Verion Kaiser Aurangzeb II Steffki 1644–1644
Daniyal Dravot Kaiseress Noor 1645–1648
Hallbjörn Haraldsson Kaiseress Noor 1648–1650
Fjǫrleif Hallbjörnsdóttir Kaiseress Noor, Kaiser Ayreon IV 1650–1651
ESB-Jörmungandr Group
(held in commission)
Kaiser Ayreon IV 1651–1657
Liv Dravot
Kaiser Ayreon IV 1657–1660
Mira Octavius-Aryani Kaiser Ayreon IV 1660–1663
Daniyal ibn Daniyal Kaiser Ayreon IV 1663–1666
Position abolished 1666–1718
Zhao Feng, Lord of Nangang Salome 1718–