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Imperial Decrees (Shireroth)

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Index of Imperial Decrees issued by the Imperial Republic of Shireroth following the Kalirion Fracture.

Kaiseress Salome

Decree number Short Title Issue Date Content
1195 Imperial Circles 22.VIII.1680 Creation of Imperial Circles for Brookshire, appointment of Lord Lieutenants
1196 Wythe Government 23.VIII.1680 Appointment of senior government positions for Wythe Stewardship
1197 Treason of Isenbury 18.IX.1680 Address to the city leaders of Isenbury
offers amnesty for the crime of resisting Imperial authority in the body of Lord Lieutenant Ameunin
Ultimatum to submit to Imperial authority by 1.X.1680
1198 Of Much Mercy 10.XIII.1681 Address to those who have received mercy and those who have scorned it
Grants to loyal Laqs
1199 Approval of Marriage 1.I.1682 Approval for the marriage between David Raion and Mariette, Princess of San Martín
1200 Dispensation for Entry 8.II.1682 Dispensation from the regular order to permit members of the Imperial Expedition to Crestfall to pass through the Bâb-an-Nûr during the triumphal procession irrespective of rank
1201 The Way of Spite 9.XII.1683 Replacement of the state motto for Shireroth
1202 Wythe II Government 24.XIV.1684 Appointment of senior government positions for Wythe Stewardship
1203 Protected Status in the Lower Elwynn 1.XI.1686 Designation of POWs captured during the Imperial Expedition to the Guttuli as protected persons, and the assigning of resources to establish colonies to house them and put them to work.
1204 Duchy of the Guttuli 22.II.1687 Creation of the Duchy of the Guttuli.
1205 County Palatine of Amity and Mirioth 22.X.1687 Creation of the County Palatine of Amity and Mirioth.
1206 Mercy for Anticans 22.XII.1687 Authorization for resettlement of Antican refugees into Hawshire and the Guttuli
1207 Approval of Marriage 9.XIV.1687 Approval for the marriage between Abigail Jayna Noor and Prince Titu Auqui Acahuana of Alduria-Wechua
1208 Landsraad Reform 21.VII.1688 Revision to appointment to the Landsraad to include all titled nobles who have sworn fealty to the current occupant of the Golden Mango Throne, various bestowals of titles
1209 Mercy for the Loyal and Trustworthy 10.XIII.1690 Phased release of Guttulinese POWs based upon their evaluated loyalty to the Throne and safety to the community. Continued service would be provided to local municipalities.
1210 A Just Recompense 10.X.1693 Removal of Prince Kir of Shireroth from the order of succession to the Golden Mango Throne.
1211 Approval of Marriage 5.III.1694 Approval for the marriage between Prince Rubin of Shireroth and The Lady Lyudmila of Schwinn
1212 No Greater Love 5.XII.1698 Recognition of the children of Prince Kir of Shireroth's children in the order of succession, placing them behind those of Prince Rubin of Shireroth.
1213 Of Prodigal Children 20.IX.1699 Count of Cimmeria called out of abeyance, governor appointed for the County of Raikoth; conducted in response to the reluctantly-heard petition of one Isor Verion
1214 Wythe III Government 17.XII.1701 Appointment of senior government positions for Wythe Stewardship
1215 No Greater Love (Addendum) 2.IX.1703 A period of mourning for the Imperial Sibling, a granting of title for the mother of his children.
1216 The Systemization of Rank 1.I.1704 A standardized hierarchy of rank and privilege for the Imperium as well as a systematic pathway for the ennoblement of skilled and true subjects from unremarkable birth.
1217 Approval of Marriage 17.XIV.1714 Approval for marriage between Prince Ichiro of Shireroth and The Admirable and Heavenly Kaika bat Gyoku
1218 Resumption of the Adelsraad and the Folksraad 1.III.1717 Revokes the suspensions placed upon the Adelsraad and the Folksraad that had been issued during the Regency, creates a schedule for the election and seating of the next Adelsraad and Folksraad.
1219 Approval of Marriage 14.V.1717 Approval for marriage between Princess Enhei of Shireroth and Şahan, the King of Akhidia.
1220 Legitimation and Succession to the Crown of Malarboria 21.VI.1717 Recognition of a legitimate heir to Nathan II within the scope of Shirerithian law, and designation of an heir to the Duchy of Modan.
1221 Thuylemans Government 1.VIII.1718 Appointment of senior government positions for Thuylemans Stewardship
1222 Approval of Marriage 3.VI.1719 Approval for marriage between Prince Jirō of Shireroth and Lystasia Zora Salome, the Grand Duchess of Steerswick (et al).
1223 Restoration of Validity 5.V.1722 Response to the Ministry of Rites' request for a ruling on the validity of the marriage contract following an in-depth analysis of the identity of Kunâ A.
1224 Thuylemans II Government 29.XV.1723 Appointment of senior government positions for the second Thuylemans Stewardship
1225 Approval of Marriage 29.XV.1723 Approval for marriage between Princess Farzana of Shireroth and Frederik Alfons des Vinandy, the Duke of 's Koningenwaarde.
1226 Shireroth First: A New Era of Independence and Self-Reliance 2.VII.1730 Decree in name of the Kaiseress, by Steward Thuylemans, to end the influence of foreign powers within Shireroth. While not named by name, the Decree was clearly targeting Sathrati. Start of the Emergency of 1730.
1227 Concerning limitations of Free Travel from and to the Benacian Union 10.V.1731 Decree in name of the Kaiseress, by Steward Thuylemans, which closed the borders between Shireroth and the Benacian Union.