Imperial Decrees (Shireroth)/Wythe III Government

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A Decree from Her Imperial Magnificence

Salome, through the intercessions of Divine Providence, Kaiseress of Shireroth,

Sovereign among Laqs, Queen of Ransenar, Rani of Tas Neemia, Emira of Sathrati, Sardar of Talenore, Princess of Hurmu, Princess among the Lakes, Duchess of Brookshire, Duchess of the Guttuli, Duchess of Chestnut, Duchess of New Aquitane, Marchioness of Zy-Rodun, Khanum of Caer Lum'ruush, Countess of Upper Macon, Countess of Andiopolis, Countess of Dracoheim, Countess of Istvan, Baroness of Port Mills, Lady of Zauberförde/Senkyōwan, Lady in Jorvik, Progeny of the Once-Living God, Scion of the King of Kings, Thane of the Shirelands, Keeper of the Apollo Legacy, Grand Master of the Orders of the Dragon, of Griffin, of Phoenix, and of Chimera, Sovereign of the Golden Mango Throne, Lord Mayor of the City of Vladagrad,

announcing for the sake of all Shireroth that,

For the purpose of establishing a government that will support the third Stewardship of Chrysostom, Viscount Holly-Wythe,

The following ministerial appointments are made:

  1. Evgenia Sotnikova, Countess of Schwinn, as Chamberlain of the Household;
  2. Naïs Szodarvs, of Good Repute, as Minister of State;
  3. Kai bi-Folłur-Tuifals, Lord of Folłur, as Minister of the Exterior;
  4. Kian, Princess of Shireroth, as Minister of Rites.

Additionally, the following commissions are distributed:

  1. under the Chamberlain of the Household:
    • Mari Eiskar, Hypate, as Master of Pages;
    • Sopan uis Sotboþi, Senior Adept, as Master of Endowments;
    • Alejian Kaukainen, PC Frainan Uihmanzis (Retired), as Dean of the Dirâsat-an-Nûr;
    • Loran Zælïar, PC Frainan Uihmanzis (Retired), as Commissioner for the Crypteia;
  2. under the Minister of State:
    • Mr Derok Aezjor, of Good Repute, as Commissioner for the Fiscus;
    • Mr Iain Narkiss, of Good Repute, as Commissioner for Defence;
    • Ms Ena Kodrat, of Good Repute, as Commissioner for Public Works and the Cadastres;
  3. under the Minister of the Exterior:
    • Mr Awaz Rahimdokht, of Good Repute, as Commissioner for International Trade;
    • Dr Aes Bonna, of Good Repute, as Commissioner for the Raspur Pact;
    • Kaldr Wineth, Lord of Usuinbak, as Commissioner for International Cooperation.
  4. under the Minister of Rites:
    • Arnal Sesuizæl, Guardian of the Likeness, as Commissioner for Adorations;
    • Pšeryh Lemespxu Mezdegu, Elder Neġuĉ'yc, as Commissioner for Venerations;
    • Roan Lanatius, Lord Lanatius, as Commissioner for Ranks.

Finally, Our Steward and Our Minister of Rites shall create a special commission for the rationalization of Our society's orders, that Our people may be numbered and ranked in accordance with their worthiness and truth in a manner that is universal within Our realm.

Given at Raynor's Keep on the Seventeenth day of the Twelfth month of the Year of Our Norton Seventeen-Hundred One,

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