Skyla Islands

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The Skyla Islands

Flag of The Skyla Islands

Subdivision type: County
Capital: Town of Skyla
Population: {{{population}}}
Largest Cities: Town of Skyla

Local Leadership Title: Count/Countess (vacant)
Local Government: Imperial administration
Current leader:

Local language: English, Præta
Local Religion: Catologism, Cedrism, Boomism

The Skyla Islands, also known as Skyla Isles and Isles of Skyla, consists of three islands off the coast of Drak-Modan (former Brookshire). From the north, they are the Isle of Aroth, Isle of Myn and Isle of Skyla. They are under Shirerithian sovereignty, and administered by the Emirate of Sathrati (save for a brief occupation by the unrecognized Imperial Verionist Republic of Shireroth 1671–1674)

It is most famous for holding a summer residence of the Golden Mango Throne.


Skyla is the largest of the three islands. NW: Aroth; N: Myn.


The Skyla Islands allow a certain degree of religious freedom, but are strict in public practice. Because the Isles are part of the Imperial County, and as part of a social experiment (which began under Count Kaltor I), a mix of reverence of the Kaiser, Cedrism, Boomism and Catologism is heavily supported.

Other religions are frowned upon but not outright forbidden.


List of Counts

Coat of arms of the Countess of Skyla Islands, last held by Margana Win'Eth

The title Count of the Skyla Isles is first mentioned and used by Kaiser Trantor IV as part of His own title. The title was granted to Kaltor I of Skyla in 1630, and then, after his death in 1635, held by his daughter Margana Win'Eth until she herself, childless, died in 1661. The title then became extinct.


Most famous landmarks on the Isles are the several buildings which serve as residences of the Imperial Family. The Summer Residence (consisting of several palaces) is just one - but the largest and most impressive - of the possessions of the Golden Mango Throne. Several minor temples have been granted to the Kaiser.

The Kaltorian Palace is the main residence of the Count of the Skyla Islands.