Subdivisions of Shireroth

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The Imperial Republic of Shireroth is governed through a number of subdivisions, of which the Duchy and Imperial Dominion is the largest administrative unit. While informally, those are often referred to as Imperial States. These Duchies and Dominions are in most cases further divided in a number of Provinces, Counties, Circles or Districts. Each territory retains a strong cultural identity, which place them sometimes at odds with central authorities in Shirekeep.

Top-tier subdivision

The Duchies of Shireroth in 1707 AN, during Salome's reign, shortly after the Treaty of Gaelen's Landing.
The Imperial States and Imperial Dominions of Shireroth during the reign of Kaiser Dominus, in 1644 AN.

Duchies are the largest subdivisions possible. Prior to the Kalirion Fracture, those were divided into Baronies and further into Counties along old feudal lines. They are generally ruled by a Duke. An exception is the Kingdom of Batavia, the protectorates and territories which are ruled directly by the Golden Mango Throne or received a special status.

Current top-tier subdivisions

Former Duchies

Second-tier subdivisions

The Imperial States are in turn divided in a larger number of smaller, easier to rule, subdivisions. Depending on the State, these second-level subdivisions are governed by Counts, Barons,... according to the feudal ways of the past, or by governors who may - or may not - be appointed or even elected by the people or local assemblies.

Second-tier subdivisions of the Imperial Republic
Imperial State Province/Circle/… Population State population
Shirekeep Inner City 706.735 42.484.749
Northshire South 15.497.871
Lichkeep 12.958.446
Cabbagefall 13.321.697
Alrig Protectorate 176.329 176.329
Batavia Austrasië 0
Faya-Veronique Eiland (Faya Veronique Island)
Gasconje (Gascony)
Regenteneilanden (Regent Islands)
Rhijnelande (Rhineland)
's Koningenwaarde (Kingsworth)
Brookshire Woodshire Circle 4.258.062 25.998.327
Maltenstein Circle 3.999.175
Schwinn Circle 4.829.470
Dolorous Circle 4.053.084
Fortis Circle 4.900.956
Crestfall Circle 3.957.580
Draconia 4.947.491 4.947.491
Guttuli Near 7.668.119 28.564.852
Far 8.634.041
Coastal 12.262.692
Jingdao Far Eastern Territory 6.128.130 40.903.941
Dazijin 34.775.811
Jinkeai Beixan 21.578.003 55.952.389
Camoleo 589.032
Dongjin 5.987.044
Ganqhu 590.212
Lulin 378.219
Transsamarne 7.054.311
Xijin 19.775.568
Kezan Eleutherios and Akis 2.935.093 4.128.159
Ossium 81.177
Hawshire Free State 1.111.889
Kildare Dalmacija (Dalmatia) 92.082.120 429.042.287
Gong 27.571.583
Haigong 16.702.189
Heliu 49.101.843
Hondon 82.394.629
Qaoshan 25.138.239
River Warriors' AR 743.957
Xianbei 19.165.775
Zhaoqin 24.764.047
Zhongji 91.377.905
Modan Kizshire 9.178.505
Capeshire 14.815.759
Sehmlshire 9.480.277
Outer Antya Mengtian 5.120.043 8.492.881
Xianxia 3.372.838
Sathrati Yardistan 52.543.880 80.569.998
Mirioth 8.718.429
Amity 19.093.298
Zy-Rodun 214.391
Skyla 640.520 640.520
Sagittarius 12.000 12.000
Talenore 8.015.079 8.015.079
ALL OF SHIREROTH 763.403.543