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Ministry of Trade

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Ministry of Trade

[[File:|border|200px|Seal of the Ministry.]]

Agency overview
Formed 1723 AN
Preceding agency Under the Ministry of Interior as Chamber of Guilds and Factorage
Type Imperial Ministry
Jurisdiction Imperial Republic of Shireroth
Headquarters TBA, Shirekeep
Employees TBA
Annual budget TBA
Agency executives Tobias Wythe,
Minister of Trade
Parent agency Imperial Government
Child agencies
  • Imperial Commission for the Fiscus
  • Imperial Commission for International Trade
  • Imperial Commission for Public Works and the Cadastres
Functions Trade and Labour

The Ministry of Trade, once part of the Ministry of the Interior, is a government ministry in the Imperial Republic of Shireroth, responsible for overseeing the trade and financial affairs of the nation. It's responsible for implementing policies aimed at promoting economic growth, increasing trade, and ensuring the stability of the national currency.


The Ministry of Trade has three main commissions that work under its purview:

  • Imperial Commission for the Fiscus: This commission is responsible for managing the finances of the imperial government, including tax collection, budgeting, and fiscal policy.
  • Imperial Commission for International Trade: This commission is responsible for promoting and regulating international trade on behalf of the Shirerithian government. It negotiates trade agreements with foreign nations, issues export licenses, and enforces trade restrictions.
  • Imperial Commission for Public Works and the Cadastres: This commission is responsible for overseeing public works projects, such as road construction, bridge building, and urban planning. It also manages the cadastre, which is the official registry of real estate ownership.

The Ministry of Trade also works closely with other government agencies, such as the Chamber of Guilds and Factorage, which represents the interests of Shirerithian businesses, directs the Imperial Design Bureaus, and oversaw economical revival plans like the National Industrial Nurturing of the Economy, which promotes industrial development and innovation.

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