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Ministry for the Imperium in Apollonia

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Ministry for the Imperium in Apollonia

Seal of the Ministry.

Agency overview
Formed 1707 AN
Preceding agency Grand Secretariat (Jingdao)
Type Imperial Ministry
Jurisdiction Imperial Republic of Shireroth
Headquarters Chrysantium House, Shirekeep
Employees TBA
Annual budget TBA
Agency executives Li Suyi,
Minister for the Imperium of Apollonia
Parent agency Imperial Government
Child agencies
  • Imperial Commission for the Apollonian Fiscus
  • Imperial Commission for Apollonian Defense
  • Imperial Commission for Apollonian Works and Cadastres
Functions Represents the Imperial Government and coordinates both its defense, finances and public works.

The Ministry for the Imperium in Apollonia is the most important Ministry within Greater Kildare and the County Palatinate of Kezan. In military affairs, the Ministry closely works together with the Allied Mission in Greater Kildare.