Margana Win'Eth

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Margana Win'Eth
Full name Princess Margana of the House of Win'Eth
AKA The Monstrous Woman
Physical information
Species Human
Race Kildarian
Gender Female
Hair color and style Auburn
Eye color Blue
Skin color White
Biographical information
Father Kaiser Brrapa VII
Mother Unknown concubine
Date of birth 18 Muulantooq, 1608 AN
Place of birth Raynor's Keep, Shirekeep
Date of death 02 Gevrader, 1661 AN
Place of death Prospect of Freyja Tavern, Gropecunte Lane, Eliria
Residence(s) 49th Municipal Mortuary, Eliria
Nationality Shirerithian
Allegiance(s) House of Win'Eth
Occupation Deceased vagrant

Princess Margana Win'Eth, Countess of the Skyla Isles, was a Shirerithian society hostess, princess and noblewoman, daughter of Kaiser Brrapa VII. Famous for instigating the River War. She spent 15 years in prison before being releasted in 1651. Murdered in 1661.


Held without trial since 1635 in dungeons beneath Raynor's Keep. Transferred into Elwynnese custody in 1639. Main instigator of River War. 1639-1641 Held in mobile private prison of the Arandur of Alalehzamin and Utasia, waiting interview by the Court of Star Chamber. 1641 returned to Dragonsfold.

1635: River War

1635–1639: A Dungeon in Raynor's Keep

1639: Transfer to His Serenity's Gaol Dragonsfold

1639–1641: Prisoner of the Arandur of Alalehzamin and Utasia

1641: The Trial of Margana Win'Eth

1651: Released from custody by order of the Royal Instructing Justice of Elwynn, Daniel Dravot.

1651–1652: Bereft of allies, alone in a hostile country that remembers her role in the River War, and with her health devastated by years of detention without trial in a prison and psychiatric facility that took on the aspect of a concentration camp in its latter years, Margana - a former society hostess of some renown - now plies her trade selling her body to passing tradesmen on Eliria's notorious Gropecunte Lane.

Later life

1653: Whilst still operating from the "Prospect of Freyja" tavern on Gropecunte Lane in Eliria, Margana was severely beaten, raped, sodomised and left for dead after a Florian business traveller with whom she was conducting an intimate transaction felt disinclined to pay after finding out she was forty-five. Rescued by the tavern's bouncer, an off-duty cudgeller moonlighting in private security, she was rushed to Eliria's general hospital for treatment, counselling and observation. The businessman was fined for damages and breakages which were payable to the Tavern's landlady.

02.IV.1661: Stabbed and mortally wounded on the steps of the "Prospect of Freyja" by persons unknown. Motivation for attack suspected to be a longstanding drugs debt.