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Kaiser Redquill

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Kaiser Redquill
Ryker J. Everstone
Former Kaiser of Shireroth
Began 1617
Ended 1620 (abdication)
Predecessor Kaiser Sehml
Successor Kaiseress Isa IV
Steward Mira Raynora Minor
Imperial Bloodline Sanglorian
Physical description
Gender Male
Species Human
Race Goldshirian
Eye color Yellow
Skin color White
Biographical information
Date of birth 1589
Place of birth Suthergold, Goldshire
Date of death 1671
Place of death Goldshire

Ryker J. Everstone, born 1589, died (biologically) in 1671, is a Shirerithian nobleman and statesman. Reigned as Kaiser Redquill of Shireroth (1617–1620), Regent for Kaiser Ayreon IV (1654–1656). Associated heavily with Goldshire, he was its Duke (1614–1623), Grand Duke (1629–1632), and King (1650–1668). Instrumental in the Auspicious Occasion of 1651, briefly a member of the Elwynnese Senate and government during this time (State Law & Order Restoration Council).

Since his biological death in 1671, his consciousness lived on as the operating system which lay the foundation for the Sovereign Confederation.

Kaisership (1617–1620)

Ryker ruled as the 144th Kaiser of Shireroth under the regnal name of Redquill. He oversaw the Kildare Incident and established the Imperial Bloodline of Redquill.

Kaiser Redquill began his reign immediately prior to Kildare's Declaration of Independence and controlled the movement which followed as best he could. No war was ever declared or fought between Shireroth and the Apollonian Republic of Shireroth's East (A.R.S.E.) under his administration, though a rogue MoMA did briefly take a refurbished fleet against Kildare outside of Kaiseral order. He created an entirely new Cabinet with the exception of MiniInt, Janus Eadric, and sought their council on most issues regarding the situation in the East and elsewhere.

On account of his aversion to aggressive retaliations during his reign, he has become known to history as "Redquill the Meek" in Veronian and Jing circles. In his later years, he maintained that his position was an impossible one and that his actions were the most prudent he could have exercised. Though he did give his throne to a 150-year-old hermit woman, so maybe he wasn't all there.

Ruler of Goldshire (1614–1623, 1629–1632, 1650–1668)

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Coma, death, and later consciousness

Ryker entered a coma in 1656. Awoke again first in 1659 with some clear cognitive dysfunction, however. Appointed nonetheless to Arbiter of the Imperial Judex in 1666, a post he held until 1669. In 1671, he died, however his consciousness was transferred to an operating system as a so-called "Ego", the Ryker OS, which briefly inhabited Villy Esposito in a trial as to whether a human body could hold the consciousness again.

Founded the Sovereign Confederation during the Kalirion Fracture between 1671–1672 which went on to join the Elwynnese Republic ten years later in 1681. His reasons for doing so are most associated with his desire to cultivate Wintergleam's Goldshirean identity.

In the early 1700s, the final Ryker OS was decommissioned, his technology being far more valuable than the demented shadow his legacy had become.


  • Villy Esposito was his indentured servant (loyal subject, later community servant) 1653–1680.
  • Roy Stone, the illegitimate son of Daniel Dravot, remains an adopted son from 1652.
  • Doir Jen Merah described as a "distant relative" and "family friend.
  • Selardi Jen Daniyal illegitimate Daughter of Doir and the last Prince of Malarboria.


Preceded by:
Kaiser of Shireroth
Succeeded by
Isa IV
Preceded by:
Ryabin Merkayastreb
Duke of Goldshire
Succeeded by
Kizzy Drakland
Preceded by:
Kizzy Drakland
Grand Duke of Goldshire
Succeeded by
Preceded by:
Vidar Ayreon
King of Goldshire
Succeeded by
Semisa Caprici as Duchess of Goldshire
Preceded by:
Fjǫrleif Hallbjörnsdóttir
Succeeded by
Armin Jamal-Arminzadeh
Preceded by:
IAC in Commission
Regent of the Imperial Republic
Succeeded by
Hartmut Aldric
Preceded by:
Vilhelm Benkern
Succeeded by
Semisa Caprici