Semisa Nakita Nur Pinito Caprici

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Semisa Nakita Nur Pinito Caprici (born in Talenore in 1611, died in Drak-Modan in 1679), also called Semisa Caprici following her marriage to Gjovanni Caprici in 1640, and Duchess of Goldshire 1668–1673, was a Sanaman, previously Shirerithian, legal scholar of mainly Sani descent, Arbiter of the Imperial Judex 1666–1673, member of the Sanaman Federal Council since 1673. Her parents were Malliki Nur Pinito and Leli Nakita, her brother was Malliki Nakita Nur Pinito. Her son-in-law was Mahmood Sadri Maleki. She was nominated by Kaiser Ayreon IV for Arbiter of the Imperial Judex on 23.XIV 1665, and was confirmed Arbiter on 19.I.1666, replacing King Ryker of Goldshire in the position. She held the position until 1.I.1673 when she resigned and defected to Sanama, where she entered the government as member of the Federal Council. On 11.XV.1678, she was the only member of the Federal Council not arrested by forces loyal to Adalwolf Hiedler during the 1678 Sanaman coup d'etat. She remained in Drak-Modan in order to establish a Sanaman federal government in exile there. On 6.II.1679, however, she was found dead in her apartment in downtown Drakorda. Local authorities investigated and ruled that the cause of death was a congenital heart condition.

Semisa Caprici had three children with her husband Gjovanni Caprici, Anna Nur Pinito Caprici (born 1635), Pearl Nur Pinito Caprici (born 1640) and Keysa Nur Pinito Caprici (born 1642).