Mahmood Sadri Maleki

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Mahmood Sadri Maleki
Full name Mahmood Sadri Maleki
AKA Mahmood Sadri
Physical information
Species Human
Race Babkhi
Gender Male
Hair color and style Black hair
Eye color Brown
Skin color Olive
Biographical information
Father Ali Reza Maleki
Mother Fatima Vipani
Date of birth 1625
Place of birth Pasdaran, Talenore
Date of death
Place of death
Residence(s) Talenore
Nationality Talenorian
Occupation Governor General

Mahmood Sadri Maleki, Count Pasdaran, Viscount Sadri of Pasdaran, (born 1625 in Talenore) is a Talenorian politician and businessman. He is the first and current Governor General of the island since his appointment in 1665. The same year he was also created Viscount Sadri of Pasdaran by Kaiser Ayreon IV. He is also the current chairman of the National Development Party. Maleki owns Sadri Industries with his younger brother Davoud Abbas Maleki, who acts as CEO of the company while the elder Maleki serves as Governor General.


Born in 1625 to father Ali Reza Maleki, a medical doctor, and mother Fatima Vipani, a university educator, Mahmood Sadri Maleki grew up in the Pasdaran Governorate in Talenore. He showed an early aptitude for languages, becoming fluid in not only his native Babkhi, but also Sani, Elw and Istvanistani, as well as a functional command of Cisamarrese. After attending public schools in Pasdaran, he began undergraduate studies in 1643 at 16th of June University. After seven years of studies, the last four of them in a doctoral program in business administration, he earned his DBA in 1651. In 1656 he married Anna Nur Pinito Caprici, a granddaughter of Malliki Nur Pinito and oldest daughter of Semisa Caprici. The couple reside in Pearl House, the official residence of the Governor General. They have three children: Mahmood Ali Caprici Maleki (born 1657), Fatemeh Semisa Caprici Maleki (born 1659) and Gjulia Laleh Caprici Maleki (born 1663).