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Keysa Nur Pinito Caprici

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Keysa Semisa Nur Pinito Caprici
Right Honourable
Chancellor of Sanama
In office
1.XII.1691 – 3.II.1701
Preceded by Taliya Wilamu
President of Sanama
In office
1.XII.1679 – 1.XII.1691
Chancellor Taliya Wilamu
Yon Qusen
Tanilo Lhayi
Succeeded by Tanilo Lhayi

Born 6.XII.1642 (age 76)
White Hill, Talenore
Citizenship Sanaman
Political party United Nationalist Alliance
Spouse(s) Maliya Kulahi (domestic partner)
Residence International Mandate
Alma mater 16th of June University
John Metzler III University
Profession Advocate, community organiser
Religion Somanes

Keysa Nur Pinito Caprici (born 1642 in Talenore) is the youngest daughter of Semisa Caprici and leader of the United Nationalist Alliance. In 1679 she was elected the first President of Sanama. She is also the sister of Anna Nur Pinito Caprici, wife of the Governor General of Talenore Mahmood Sadri Maleki. On 6.III.1679 she was shot twice by a would-be assassin when exiting a rally in Acquecalde. The military junta blamed the Istvanistani Patriotic Army, but the shooter was a commissioned army officer. The shooter killed himself after failing to carry out his mission due to intervention from Caprici's personal protection detail.

From 1682 to 1691, Caprici lived with her partner Maliya Kulahi in the Pahay Xonutili in Semisa City. In 1687, Nur Pinito Caprici and her partner adopted two siblings, a boy and a girl, from an orphanage in Aruang. The adoption went through as same-sex adoption had been legalised in Sanama proper the same year. In 1691 the couple moved to the Pahay Lunti in Semisa City, after Caprici was elected Chancellor. Following the Sanaman Civil War, Chancellor Nur Pinito Caprici relocated to Niyi Axi in Sanaman Cibola, which was still controlled by forces loyal to the elected government. Following the invasion of Cibola by the communalist government, Caprici fled to the International Mandate.

Early life

Caprici was born on 6.XII.1642 to Semisa Nakita Nur Pinito and Gjovanni Caprici. At the time they were living in White Hill, Talenore, while her mother was pursuing her doctorate in law. Her father was at the time also studying at 16th of June University. Keysa spent her school years in private school in White Hill, payed for by her father's family, an affluent Cisamarrese business family in Talenore. She showed an early aptitude for reading, being quite proficient already in nursery. In primary school Caprici would form clubs with her classmates, with her as president. She would also write the club constitutions. Being studious, a child of two minority parents and a visual minority herself, she would often be singled out for bullying by the majority Babkhi students. Caprici compensated for this by making friends in the Sani community. The experience would also help to motivate her to go to law school and later into politics. In 1659 she came out as homosexual to her parents. She described the experience as "mostly positive". The Sani and Cisamarrese in Talenore are generally more liberal than the Babkhi majority.

In 1660 Caprici left high school with an excellent record. She immediately entered the Bachelor of Laws programme at 16th of June University in Talenore, and graduated magna cum laude in 1663, when she entered her mother's legal practice for entry level legal work. When her mother became Arbiter of the Imperial Judex in Shireroth in 1666, Caprici moved to Shireroth with her mother and worked as an intern at the court for a year. In 1667, she continued her education at John Metzler III University in Shireroth when she entered the Master of Laws programme, studying Shirerithian common and civil law. Graduating with a summa cum laude honour in 1669, Caprici passed the Mango Bar exam in 1670. Her plan to then go into either an entry level position in the Imperial Judex or a position with the Imperial Inquisition was in 1671 disrupted by the Kalirion Fracture, which upended both her own identity as well as the country.

The failure of leadership under Kaiser Ayreon IV combined with a series of calamities that the moribund Imperial Republic was ill-equipped to deal with, caused the breakup of Shireroth. In southern Benacia, a morally and financially corrupt imperial administration had for years been a government merely in name. In this vacuum the Sani and Ama peoples rose up in rebellion, lead by the SALAD. As Sanilla and Amarra, later named Sanama, seceded from Shireroth, the Sanaman people again had a chance to build their own nation. This independence encouraged the immigration of large numbers of Sani in the diaspora, primarily in Talenore. Having been a Shirerithian for her entire life, Caprici struggled with her identity as a Sani. Her mother's decision to defect to the newly established state rocked not only the Imperial government, but also her daughter. Realising that the ties to her mother and her Sani identity was stronger than her citizenship, she joined her mother. While her mother went into the newly formed federal government, Caprici went into community organisation and legal work in the wake of the secession. Caprici took it upon herself to organise a functioning local community in the new country, both politically and in civil society. The polity now organised across Sanilla and Amarra, the ffaman sawa (free garden) system, consisting of local community government with executive, legislative and quasi-judicial powers, is the construction of Caprici.


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