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President of the Council of State of Sanama

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  • President of the
  • Council of State
of Sanama
Sanama Coat of Arms.png
Coat of arms of Sanama
Toti Lampa
since 15.XII.1723
Style Right Honourable
Residence Pahay Lunti, Semisa City
Appointer President of the Union
Term No fixed term
Inaugural holder Malliki Orea
Formation 1707

The President of the Council of State, commonly the President of the Council and informally Premier, in Sanaman Qukalsim Lhusan Rrumëli or simply Qukalsim, is the head of government of Sanama since 1707 and the chairperson of the Council of State of Sanama. The office is the successor to the Chancellor of Sanama and once again a single, defined head of government after the committee system under the communalist government 1701–1707. The President of the Council is appointed by the President of the Union and confirmed by and responsible to the House of People's Delegates of the Lhusan Nasyonal. The Qukalsim is the most powerful political office in the Union, with the President of Sanama acting mostly as a figurehead, although also acting as a constitutional check on both the powers of the Lhusan Nasyonal and the Council of State.