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President of Sanama

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President of Sanama
Sanama Coat of Arms.png
Coat of arms of Sanama
Dorsa Raeisi.png
Dorsa Raeisi
since 21.XII.1707
Style Excellency
Residence Pahay Xonutili, Semisa City
Appointer Lhusan Nasyonal
Term Six years, renewable once
Inaugural holder Keysa Nur Pinito Caprici
  • 1707
  • (1679)

The President of Sanama, formally the President of the Union (Xonuti Lanyitali in Sanaman), is the head of state of Sanama and commander-in-chief of the armed forces of the union. Tracing its origin to 1679 when the first presidency was formed, the current office was reconstituted in 1707, after having been abolished since 1697. Since the fourth Sanaman republic is a parliamentary democracy, the President mostly acts as a figurehead and guarantor of the constitution, although they retain certain powers that can be exercised according to their own judgement. The main personal powers of the President are the right to appoint the President of the Council of State (Premier), albeit with confirmation by the House of People's Delegates, and the ability to send bills and decrees to the National Judex to test their constitutionality. Most other powers, for example when exercising the office of commander-in-chief, require the counter-signature of the Premier. Nomination for the presidency is limited to persons who are not and have never been members of a political party, and who belong to organisations within certain sectors of civil society.