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United Nationalist Alliance

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United Nationalist Alliance
Leader Keysa Nur Pinito Caprici
Chairman Tanilo Lhayi
Founder Keysa Nur Pinito Caprici
Founded 1678
Headquarters Sanama City
Newspaper Unity
Student wing United Students
Youth wing Young Nationalists
Membership 231,000 (1681)
  • Keysanism
  • Sanaman nationalism
  • Liberalism
  • Raspurist
  • Federalist
Political position Center to center-right
Official colors Purple

The United Nationalist Alliance was formed in 1678 as a new liberal force in Sanaman politics. Its first leader is Keysa Nur Pinito Caprici, daughter of the late president of the Federal Council Semisa Nakita Nur Pinito Caprici, and the first chairman is Chancellor Tanilo Lhayi. Its positions are described as liberal, with a business-friendly and free trade positive economic policy, liberal and progressive social policies, and a realistic view on national security. It is described as center to center-right on the political spectrum. During Nur Pinito Caprici's first term as president, an ideology named Keysanism has gained prominence within the party.


Body Seats
132 / 639
Raspur Pact Parliamentary Assembly
15 / 57

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