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Keysanism is a Sanaman center-right populist ideology attributed to President Keysa Nur Pinito Caprici and the main ideology of the United Nationalist Alliance. Its three pillars are nationalism, social justice and corporatism. The ideology espouses Sanaman-first sentiments, where the Sanaman language and people is recognised as the national language and people of the Sanaman state, with proper protection for national minorities. It is also focused on social justice and is therefore socially liberal, accepting of same-sex relationships and a liberal education. It is corporatist as economic policy is negotiated between labour and corporate interests with the government as mediator and final arbiter. A large majority of supporters are also very positive towards membership in the Raspur Pact and the common market. On issues of national security, Keysanists promote a strong military and active intervention on and around the Benacian continent.