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Llusan of Sanama
Sanama Coat of Arms.png
Name: Llusan
Legislature: VII
Date founded: 1679

Speaker Malliki Xana (UNA)
Deputy Speaker

Floor leaders

Seats: 639
Sanama Llusan.png
Political groups: Caretaker government (262)

Opposition (377)

Mode of election: Direct popular vote, proportional representation, five percent threshold, 65 seat majority bonus.
Last election: 12.X.1697
Next election: 12.X.1700
Meeting place: Semisa Caprici National Capitol, Semisa City

The Llusan is the legislature of Sanama. The 639 members are elected proportionally within constituencies corresponding to the regions and the autonomous countries. To be awarded seats a party must receive at least five percent of the total number of votes. The alliance that receive the most votes get a majority bonus of 65 seats. The Llusan is chaired by the Speaker assisted by four deputies.