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Coalition 1660 was formed in Fatehpur Sikri, Amarr on 06.XIV.1660 AN when the Allied Union of Tolerated Minorities reconstituted itself as a centrist democratic federalist bloc, seeking to gain electoral representation in the counties of Amarr, Benacia and the Iridian Isles, the Barrowlands, the the Forest of Angularis, Florencia, Highpass, Lachmeren, Lachmodan, Lywind, Shimmerspring and the Tellian Mandate. Allied to the Nationalist & Humanist Party during the struggle against daemonic rule in southern-Shireroth, the party would go on to form the basis of democratic opposition to the rule of the Prince of Modan. Survived as an organised electoral force until the advent of the White Plague. During the Kalirion Fracture party members lent their support to the Sanilla and Amarra Liberation Army for Democracy and the Tellian efforts to liberate the mandated territories.

Presently aligned with the Micras Socialist International, supportive of the national-liberation struggle in Sanama and Highpass, opposed to the military dictatorship in the Unified Governorates and the Natopianisation of Drak-Modan.

In Elwynn, it was active in Northern Tellia, and was a member of the Democratic Socialist Workers' Coalition for the period between the annexation of Northern Tellia and the exchange of the Transelwynn region for the Severnaya Gubernya of the UGB.

After 1686 its position in the Unified Governorates, that of tolerated official opposition in the moribund consultative councils and legislative assemblies permitted by the Command Executive, was considered to be precarious - its survival mainly a consequence of the continuing strong alliance between the UGB and Elwynn & Sanama through the Raspur Pact and the South Benacian Community.

This situation came to an end during the 1690s as Coalition 1660 was blamed for bouts of factional infighting within the UGB, resulting in its suppression there during the transition of the UGB's civil society into a one party Humanist state.


At its foundation the Coalition comprised of the following constituent parties:

  • Association of Tellians of Shireroth (Associazione degli Telliani di Sxiro) - Formerly the Tellian Mandate Party
  • United Lach Front
  • Imperial Agrarian League
  • People's Action
  • Sani[1] National Party
  • Children of the Benac - Iridian List

The Association of Tellians, alienated by the leftward drift of their coalition partners, departed from the alignment after 1668. Their place was taken by their left-wing opponents, the Social Democrat Party of Tellia, in 1671 as the Kalirion Fracture upended Shirerithian politics.


  1. ^ Formerly "Lakhesian".