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Fjǫrleif Hallbjörnsdóttir

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Fjǫrleif Hallbjörnsdóttir
Full name Fjǫrleif Hallbjörnsdóttir
AKA Fjǫrleif Llængjarla
Physical information
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair color and style Dark hair
Eye color Blue
Skin color White
Biographical information
Father Hallbjörn Haraldsson
Mother Mallymkun de Béthune
Date of birth 1606
Place of birth Finistère, Stormark
Date of death 1685
Place of death Stormark
Nationality Storish
Shirerithian (1623–1651)
Allegiance(s) House of Ettlingar Freyu

Fjǫrleif Hallbjörnsdóttir was a former member of the former royal house of Elwynn and a former Prætor from 1625 until her exile from Shireroth due to the Auspicious Occasion in 1651, making her the longest serving prætor in Shirerithian history. Also, she had served in several imperial governments as Minister of the Interior 1629–1639, Minister of the Exterior 1639–1642, 1648–1650, and Minister of Military Affairs, 1650–1651.

She also was the Kaiseress Companion of Shireroth during the reign of her father's reign as Kaiser Hjalmar.


Fjǫrleif was born on the Isle of Finistère (today known as the Island of Verionia), a district of the Storish jarldom of the Sólareyjar, from the common-law marriage between the Storjarl Hallbjörn Haraldsson and Lady Mallymkun de Béthune.

The Lady Esther Ayreon-Kalirion was quite briefly, until her death, Fjǫrleif's stepmother after the former had married the latter's father.


Aside from her deceased step-brother the Prince Jonathan of Elwynn, Fjǫrleif had two younger half-brothers: Noah and his younger twin the late Audun Joel.

Since the year 1642 the Fjǫrleif also had a younger sister as a consequence of her father the Storjarl Hallbjörn Haraldsson adopting the Lady Inga Njállsdóttir‎ of the House of Kaupsted through the decree of her brother King Noah of Elwynn, the Lady Inga upon the aforesaid adoption becoming Inga Hallbjörnsdóttir and a Princess of Elwynn. The adoption took place at the supplication of the Princess Fjǫrleif and the Lady Inga, between whom had grown such strong bonds of affection that wanted to spend the rest of zir lives as sisters, and the subsequent successful Petition for Adoption to the Elwynnese throne by the Storjarl Hallbjörn Haraldsson.

Public Service

By her Froyalanish peers, Fjǫrleif was widely considered a very competent administrator with a strong grasp of culture, business and politics, who possessed considerable insight into what made a country run. She had served the Imperial Republic of Shireroth as well as the Elwynnese royal government in various capacities. Outside of these circles, she was mostly known for her extravagance and fondness of pageantry (the Prætor's fourteen-deck yacht being an infamous example).

In Elwynn, Fjǫrleif's highest position was that of Princess of Anun, the title for the Royal Governor of the Amokolia. She was also member of the Council of Eliria, the council of advisors of the King of Elwynn. She also served as Steward of Elwynn and as Dean of Rhetoric in the Board of Governance of the People's Academy of Elwynn.

At the Imperial level of government Fjǫrleif served as Minister of State, Minister of the Interior, and Minister of the Exterior, as well as Prætor of the Landsraad, President of the Elwynnese senate, and member of the Imperial Advisory Council.

Exiled from Elwynn and Shireroth during the Auspicious Occasion in 1651, relocated to Stormark, whereafter she led a life of relaxation and decadence.


In 1685, in the weeks after the collapse of Stormark, the Order of the Holy Lakes secured the dead body of Fjǫrleif, along with other prominent Stormarkers who were connected to the Order. After confirming the identity of the corpse, the Order updated its own records, and incinerated the body, before spreading the ashes in the sea.

Preceded by:
Jonathan Ayreon-Kalirion
Succeeded by
Ryker Everstone