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The Council of Eliria is the federal legislature of the Elwynnese State. Under the Elwynnese constitution, it has thirteen members, of which one is the Prince, and thereafter 2 persons are appointed by each autonomous country, one representing the legislature and one representing the executive. After the 1686 Council of Eliria elections, the Council was expanded by 6 members elected directly by the people, one per autonomous country.

The members of the Council of Eliria sit by in order of seniority around a table. The Princess sits at the position of honour, with the second most senior member (by time of service, and if equal time of service, age) on her right side, the third on her left, and so on.

Current members are:

Title Name Party Seniority
Princess of the Elwynnese Republic Kamilla Winther N&H 1
Conducător of the Upper Elwynnese Republic Pedyr Mekaarveq EWP 9
President of the Congress of the Upper Elwynnese Republic Nathaniel Ototoi EWP 6
People's Representative (Upper Elwynn) Maaqa Kalirion-Alnavion NMHE 18
Sardar of the Alalehzamini Automous Republic Daniyal Aurangzeb Kalirion-Osman N&H 8
Nahust Vazir (Prime Minister) of the AAR Adam al-Osman N&H 14
People's Representative (AAR) Mara Alidokht N&H 17
1st Minister of the State Council (Normark) Tarjei Thorgilsson N&H 19
2nd Minister of the State Council (Normark) Wilhelm Wartensleben UDF 20
Normark (People's Rep) Sigrid Årud N&H 2
Rep. of the SCAR Szodan (Ryker OS) Selardi Jen Daniyal PR 4
Ænst Szonst (SCAR Prime Minister)) Johen Rinsly Brines PR 5
People's Rep (SCAR) Talby Semerreck GCB 16
Premier of the Union of Amokolia Benjamin Sluyjs APP 3
Adeile of the Union of Amokolia Katarina Esch EUP 13
People's Representative (Amokolia) Denner Branting CMPA 15
Prince of Mishalacia Slobodan Milošev MNM 11
Chancellor of Mishalacia Mihail Bulatovič MNM 12
People's Representative (Mishalacia) Antonin Vladimiroff MPDS 7

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The Council of Eliria traces its origins to the Løgting of Elwynn established in 1535. Headed by Duke Harald of Froyalan, the Løgting was the first legislature of Elwynn. After the end of Harald's reign, it first changed its name to Elwynns Riksdag. From 1542 onwards Elwynn's legislature was known as Elwynns Riksdag, a name given to it by Duke Ardashir II Moqtada al-Osmani, until Duke Iskander Mirkdale decreed in the year 1546 that "The council known as Elwynns Riksdag shall henceforth be known as the Council at Eliria". In the year 1549, however, the Elwynnese government began to refer in its Ducal Decrees to the aforesaid legislature as Council of Eliria. The council remained known by that name throughout the remainder of Elwynn's pre-independence period; even during the days of the House System (1562-1567) when it served as the legislature of House Kalirion, the noble House controlling various territories that had appertained to the Duchy of Elwynn.

Subsequent to Elwynn's independence from Shireroth in 1567 the Council of Eliria changed in nature, becoming the executive council of Elwynn's head of state. The name of the Council of Eliria changed as well, but only after the union with Hurmu when the aforesaid executive council became known as the Roth Zera - which means Council of Three in the Elw language - a name which it retained until the year 1591 when a Constitution called the Charter of Elwynn came into force and the executive council became again known as the Council of Eliria. The main reason of changing the council's name was that the numbers of its membership over time structurally exceeded three and the name of Roth Zera had become a bit of a misnomer. Shortly before his resignation in 1597 Prince Elijah Ayreon re-established the Roth Zera as a kind of presidium of the Council of Eliria to serve as an emergency war cabinet stand-in. The aforesaid Roth Zera did not last beyond the tenure of Prince Elijah.

When Elwynn joined Shireroth again in the year 1600 the name Council of Eliria was kept. It remained the council's name until Elwynn's return to independence, with a brief interlude during the age of the communist regime when its name was changed to Presidium of the Standing Committee of the Supreme Council of the People's Democratic Republic of Elwynn, and 1669–1671 when the Council was in stasis. After the Ayreon-Kalirion Restoration in 1618, the Council of Eliria gained its status of advisory council to the Elwynnese monarch. Once independence was restored in 1671, the Council of Eliria took on its present role as the federal legislature of Elwynn.

The Council passed into a new period of abeyance with the defection of six of its members to the secessionist Republic of Elwynn and Amokolia in 1692 AN. With Eliria actively contested and only the autonomous republics of Alalehzamin, Mishalacia, Normark, and the Sovereign Confederation remaining loyal to the Court of the Prince, constitutional governance along with the Council, was suspended for the duration of the Second Elwynnese Civil War.