Elwynnese legislature

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The legislatures of Elwynn have historically been:

1452–1488 Duke of Elwynn
1488–1500 Baron of Elwynn
1500–1504 Count of Elwynn
1504–1509 Baron of Elwynn and Lac Glacei
1509–1533 Duke of Elwynn
1533–1535 Duke of Froyalan
1535–1541 Duke of Froyalan Løgting
1541–1546 Duke of Elwynn Riksdag
1546–1562 Duke of Elwynn Council at Eliria
1562–1567 Patron of the House of Kalir Council of Eliria
1567–1574 Congress of the Elwynnese Realm
1574–1600 Senate
1600–1601 The Elwynnese Constituent Assembly
1601–1613 Senate Congress
1613–1618 Supreme Council
1618 Senate Congress
1618–1629 Prince Council of Eliria
1629–1634 King of Elwynn Council of Eliria
1634–1651 King of Elwynn Council of Eliria Sænate Assembly of the Twelve Peoples
1651–1653 King of Elwynn Council of Eliria (SLORC)
1653–1664 Senate Congress
1671–present Council of Eliria In Congressional Elwynn, also: Congress
In Alalehzamin AR, also: Majles
In the Northern Commonwealth, also: Congress (1675–1676)
In Normark, also: Nordisketing (1678–present)
In SCAR, also: Miþuï (1681–present)