Democratic People's Republic of Elwynn

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Зумхуриаи Енуеқаверион Демоқратиқ Адурељион
Zumhuria Enueqaverion Demoqratiq Adurellion
Democratic People's Republic of Elwynn
Elwynn flag old 2.png Coordinated State of Elwynn -- (1613–1618) -- Elwynnese Union (1618–1623) Elwynn flag old 2.png
Flag of Elwynn
[[|85px|Coat of Arms of Elwynn|frameless]]
Coat of Arms
[[|250px|Location of Elwynn|frameless]]
Map versions
Capital Eliria
Largest city Ardashirshahr, Islus, Echo
Official language(s) Elw (official)
also Babkhi
Official religion(s)
Demonym Elwynnese
 - Adjective Elwynnese
Government socialist centralism
 - Chairman of the Presidium of the Standing Committee of the Supreme Council Aasmund Vigeland
 - Supreme Political Commissar Malliki Nur Pinito
 - Legislature Supreme Council
Establishment 1612–1618
Currency Shirerithian erb
Mains electricity
Driving side
Track gauge
Time zone(s)
National website
National forum
National animal
National food
National drink
National tree

The Democratic People's Republic of Elwynn (DPR Elwynn; Elw: Зумхуриаи Енуеқаверион Демоқратиқ Адурељион, ЗЕДА; Zumhuria Enueqaverion Demoqratiq Adurellion, ZEDA) was an imperial state of Shireroth and one of the predecessor jurisdictions of modern Elwynn. It formed from the Coordinated State of Elwynn, existed from 1612 to 1618, and disintegrated during the Kalirion Restoration, which in turn paved way for the Vanic takeover of Elwynn.

For more information, see the Timeline of the Democratic People's Republic of Elwynn.