Northern Commonwealth

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Northern Commonwealth of Greater Cimmeria and Kiladôr
Flag of Northern Commonwealth
Coat of Arms of Northern Commonwealth
Coat of Arms
Motto: "Patientia Vincit Omnia"
Anthem: Verion Hymn
Location of Northern Commonwealth
Map versions
Capital Fieldburg
Largest city Wolfraven, Avaldsnes, Azshara
Official language(s) Elw, Cimmerian, Istvanistani
Official religion(s) None official, local religions
Demonym Northern
  Adjective Northern
Government Verionist Centralised State, Plutocracy
 • Conducător Stephen Lewis
 • President of the Northern Congress Evert Flint
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Legislature Northern Congress
Establishment 1675
Population 5,558,424 (1672 census)
Currency Natopo, New Erb (v€)
Abbreviation NOR
Driving side
Time zone(s) CMT-6 (Fieldburg)
National animal Icebear
National drink Cimmerian Brandywine

The Northern Commonwealth of Greater Cimmeria and Kiladôr was a short-lived autonomous republic of Elwynn, existing from 1675 to 1677. It stretched out along the Northern coast of Benacia and comprises the Elwynnese counties of Cimmeria, Illumination, Fieldburg, Raikoth and parts of Iserdia, Agnesia and Wintergleam. The Northern Commonwealth was internally divided into two realms: the County of Greater Cimmeria and the Lands of Kiladôr. The Northern Commonwealth was established in 1675 as a compromise to solve a political crisis in the Congressional Counties of Elwynn when a vote of no-confidence against Verionist Union leader, and Conducător Stephen Lewis was passed. The Northern Commonwealth is founded upon the principles of Verionism and in many respects its nominal government served as a duplicate and cover for the operations of the Iron Company in Agnesia and Cimmeria.

The Northern Commonwealth was suppressed, along with all other Iron Company and Verionist Union affiliated organisations throughout the territories of the Raspur Pact, following the disappearance of the leading members of the House of Verion and its cadres with the Loss of Nakalma Flight 731 in 1676 AN.