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Daniyal Aurangzeb Kalirion-Osman

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Daniyal Aurangzeb Kalirion-Osman
Daniyal Aurangzeb Kalirion-Osman.jpeg
Physical information
Species Human
Race Babkhi
Gender Male
Biographical information
Date of birth 1662 AN
Date of death 1721 AN

Daniyal Aurangzeb Kalirion-Osman (1662 AN– 24.IV.1721 AN), Babkhi scion of the House of Osman and the Line of Ayreon-Kalirion, and a descendant of Simran ibn al-Majeed. Born the son of Sarah Dravot-Osman and Aurangzeb Tokaraizadeh al-Osman. Was a Humanist politician, and office holder in the Raspur Pact, notably Szodan of Elluenuueq until his death.


Married in 1684 AN to Miranda Isabella Anders (1669 AN– ) and sired upon her five children, all of whom survived past infancy. In 1685 AN, whilst serving as Prime Minister of Alalehzamin, Daniyal was accused of having orchestrated the assassination attempt, and subsequent cover-up, carried out against Beebullahabadi during the run up to the 1685 Elwynnese princely elections, forcing the withdrawal of the severely disfigured an Umraist cleric from the electoral campaign. The assailant, an Elfinshi student activist, disappeared into the gaol operated by Daniyal's militia in Ardashirshahr. Her name was not released to the press at the time, and all subsequent records pertaining to her existence were lost during the chaos of the Second Elwynnese Civil War (1692 AN1696 AN). Although nominally the Sardar of Alalehzamin during the civil war and in the immediate aftermath, Daniyal's authority was swiftly eclipsed by the military dictatorship established by Adam al-Osman. After the Scouring Daniyal elected to depart from Elluenuueq with his family to Arboria, assuming his post as Commandant-General of the Arboreal Guard there. For not offering resistance to the rule of Adam al-Osman and the subsequent establishment of the Benacian Union, Daniyal was appointed in 1704 AN to titular command of the Salb IV Aurangzeb, a legion of the Benacian Union Defence Force garrisoned in Lepidopterum. As a mark of favour from the Lady Protector of Lepidopterum he received the gift of two human concubines and a Nezeni companion, whom he accepted into his household company, resulting in issue.

Resigned from office as Szodan of Elluenuueq on 10.IV.1721 AN, with the released statement of the Civil Executive citing ill-health as the cause, with his death, resulting from complications arising, being announced on 24.IV.1721 AN. His internment in a Zurvanite Tower of Silence outside of Ardashirshahr took place in the following month.


Honors and Awards


Name Year of Birth
With Miranda Isabella Anders
Roya al-Osman 1686 AN
Zahra al-Osman 1688 AN
Ismail al-Osman 1690 AN
Vahid al-Osman 1692 AN
Elham al-Osman 1693 AN
With various concubines
Daniyal Ardashir Shapur al-Osman 1705 AN
Farah Noor al-Osman 1707 AN
Shahrbaraz al-Osman 1712 AN