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Aurangzeb Tokaraizadeh al-Osman

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Aurangzeb Tokaraizadeh al-Osman
1729 Aurangzeb Tokaraizadeh al-Osman.png
Physical information
Species Human
Race Human
Gender Male
Biographical information
Date of birth 1641 AN
Date of death 1732 AN
ShirerothSathrati Shireroth (Sathrati)
Sathrati Sovereign Emirate of Sathrati together with the Imperial Dominion of the Marquessate of Zy-Rodun and the Counties of Yardistan, Amity, and Mirioth (1673-1685)
Constancia Constancia
ShirerothModan Flag 1662.png Shireroth (State of Modan)
Raspur Raspur (House of Osman)


ShirerothSathrati Shireroth (Sathrati)

  • Principal Secretary of State 1685-

ElluenuueqAlalehzamin Elluenuueq (AAR)

  • Sardar of Alalehzamin (1684–1687)

Sathrati Sovereign Emirate of Sathrati

  • Principal Secretary of State 1676-1685

Constancia Constancia

ShirerothModan Flag 1662.png Shireroth (State of Modan)

  • Governor of Amity 1663-1668
Raspur Raspur
Years of service 1663 – present

Aurangzeb Tokaraizadeh al-Osman, Count Palatine of Mirioth and Amity, Khan of Vijayanagara, Knight of the Holy Lakes, is a politician, and was married to Sarah Dravot until her death. Aurangzeb was acclaimed as Archon of the N&H National Sector Party in Sathrati on 12.I.1694 AN. Member of the Board of Directors of the Imperial and Emirati Bank of the Sathrati Islands from 20.XII.1676 - 1685. He had a son, Daniyal Aurangzeb Kalirion-Osman (died in 1721 AN), who married Miranda Isabella Anders in 1684. At the advanced age of eighty-one he managed the remarkable feat of fathering a child on an unnamed member of his domestic staff in late 1721 AN, yielding a son, ʿĀlamgīr, born in the following year.

Perished during the final months of the Sathrati Emergency following an overwhelming Shirerithian invasion of the isles.