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Amity is an island in the Yardistani Archipelago on Micras.

Origins and Etymology

Amity's geography actually pre-dates the MCS and goes back to the Golden Age of Jasonia and before. It was first created by Erik Mortis as the site of the Jasonian space program, JASO. Later, Jasonia and Shireroth came to the brink of war over it. Although it was not on the very earliest MCS maps, it was added by Series 1 south of Shireroth, which by this time had already firmly established its control. Rumors that Amity Island was named after Amity Island from Jaws appear to be unfounded.


Amity is covered in jungle. Its capital is Erudition. There was once a zoomed map of Amity, but it appears to be lost.


Amity has always been Shirerithian, at least during the era of the MCS. It was the center of the Jasonian (and later Shirerithian) aerospace industries and had several launch pads and testing facilities on it. Politically, it is part of the Duchy of Yardistan in Shireroth, and its traditional count was Greg Russell.