Council of Sathrati

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The Council of Sathrati is the legislature and policymaking body of the Emirate of Sathrati together with the Imperial Dominion of the Marquessate of Zy-Rodun and the Counties of Yardistan, Amity, and Mirioth, during its period of sovereignty and subsequent to its acknowledgement of Imperial suzerainty.

It is presided over by the Principal Secretary of State, Aurangzeb al-Osman.


Image Name Entity Represented Notes Term of Office
Principal Secretary of State
Aurangzeb III.png Aurangzeb Tokaraizadeh al-Osman 20.XII.1676 –
1704-Aldef-ESB.png Brugen Aldef Benacian Directorate of the Honourable Company 1704 AN
Lors Bakker 1688.png Lors Bakker-Kalirion Southern Banner Group of Benacia Command 1704 AN
Imperial Peerage
Salome.1688.png Salome Marchioness of Zy-Rodun 1672 AN
1724 Daniyal ibn Daniyal.png Daniyal ibn Daniyal Count of Erudition 1670 AN
Lord Lieutenants
Daniel Mortis du Grifos, Lord Mortis du Grifos Lieutenant of the Golden Mango Throne for the Island of Amity 1685 AN

Former Councillors

Image Councillor Entity Represented Notes Term of Office
Garvin Hendriksson ESB-Jörmungandr Group, Inc Repatriated to the Imperial State of Constancia for further service 24.I.1675 - 20.XII 1676
Constantine Loup Permanent Commission of the Raspur Pact 24.I.1675 - 1678
Admiral Lord Chryse.png Ryabin Chryseoï Command Executive of the Unified Governorates of Benacia 24.I.1675 – 13.VIII.1679
Adam al-Osman.png Adam al-Osman ESB-Jörmungandr Group, Inc Resigned from Council to accept appointment to the Grand Vizierate in the AAR 20.XII.1676 –08.III.1687
Ira Rasputin.png Ira Rasputin Southern Banner Group of Benacia Command Retired to estates in Natopia. 13.VIII.1679 –13.II.1690 AN
Zacharias Avon-El.jpeg Zacharias Avon-El Permanent Commission of the Raspur Pact Reassigned to the Kalgachi frontier 11.I.1681 –16.V.1691 AN
File:Tanilo Lamifo Woodfield.png Tanilo Lamifo Woodfield Southern Banner Group of Benacia Command Replaced Ira Rasputin 09.XI.1690 AN1696 AN
Zurvanudin Miran al-Osman.png Zurvanudin Miran al-Osman Jaysh al-Sathrati 06.XIV.1686 – 1704 AN
1696 Jeremiah Avon-El.png Jeremiah Avon-El ESB-Jörmungandr Group, Inc
08.III.1687 – 1704 AN
File:TBC Magister Shapur Reporter Permanent Commission of the Raspur Pact Replaced Zacharias Avon-El 16.V.1691 AN1704 AN
Linaomiai.png Li Naomiai Council of Elders of the House of Ayreon-Kalirion 11.I.1681 – 15.V.1722
Alexander Ayreon-Kalirion coa.png Lord
Alexander Ayreon-Kalirion
House of Ayreon-Kalirion Nominee of the Principal Secretary of State 1722 AN - 1.XIV.1724.


Duties include: