Zacharias Avon-El

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Zacharias Avon-El
1721 Zacharias Avon-El.jpg
Physical information
Species Human
Gender Male
Biographical information
Father Jeremiah Avon-El
Mother Johanna Zebulonsdottar
Spouse Elia Simrani-Osman
Date of birth 1651 AN (82 AN years old)
Place of birth Shireroth Shirekeep
Residence(s) Merensk

Born in 1651 AN, the year of the Auspicious Occasion, at Shirekeep to Johanna Zebulonsdottar (1628–) and Jeremiah Avon-El (1625–). Benacian politician and soldier. Held the rank of Frumst Þeïn whilst his father was Szodan of Benacia, and still addressed as such by his partisans. President of the General Staff Council and Vice-President of the High Presidium of the Benacian Union. Knight of the Holy Lakes.

Wed to Elia Simrani-Osman during the Investiture of Jeremiah Avon-El as Szodan of Benacia in 1678 AN. The joint wedding of father and son to their new brides during the course of these festivities was regarded at the time as being an attempt to transform the position of Szodan into a Benacian and Cedrist monarchy to rival the Kaiseress in Shireroth. The union yielded two daughters, Madani Avon-El (born 1685 AN) and Sara Avon-El (born 1688 AN).

Representative of the Permanent Commission of the Raspur Pact on the Council of Sathrati from 1681 AN to 1691 AN.

His father, reigning as Raynor XIII Kalirion, resigned as Szodan and Commander-in-Chief in 1683 AN due to illness. In a disappointment to his dynastic aspirations, the Command Executive of Benacia Command passed over the princeling and appointed Vüqar Rugahi to the position of Szodan instead.

Discontented by the sudden loss of status, Zacharias Avon-El allowed himself to be persuaded into an abortive coup attempt during 1684 AN. Surviving this failure owing more to the dysfunction of the internal security apparatus than to his own skill or judgement, Zacharias would be obliged to spend the majority of his time away from Merensk, primarily in Sathrati until his recall. Indeed it would ultimately be his father who, by various machinations, would stage the putsch that returned himself to power in the first month of 1694 AN.

During his period away from the seat of power Zacharias received a curious appointment to the "Transegale Trading Company of the Kingdom of Ransenar, Inc.", as President. Although supposedly domiciled and holding office at the ESB Representative Office in Goldfield, it was never wholly apparent that Zacharias had ever even visited the office to which he had been appointed. Nonetheless, the company, which invested in and traded listed shares in the Goldfield Bourse, paid promptly, regularly, and generously, for the services of its president.

Exercised command over the I Uihmanz "Siyacher" of the Black Legions from 1691 AN to the onset of the Second Elwynnese Civil War. Appointed to command of the Central Banner Group of Benacia Command in 1694 AN. Developed the land component of his father's plan to end the conflict – which would culminate in the Scouring of 1695 AN.

Prefect of Merensk since 1703 AN.

Appointed Commissioner of the Circuit of Benacia in the Unified Governorates of Benacia following the Peace of Lapano in 1704 AN.

The Peace of Lapano, and the departure of his father into exile, would see Zacharias brought into the High Presidium of the Benacian Union by the Congress of Chryse from 1704 in order to maintain the interests of those who had been advanced by the Avon-El patronage network. Serving under his father's enemies, Constantine Loup from 1704 to 1709 AN, and Daniyal ibn Daniyal from 1709 onwards, Zacharias has held the posts of President of the General Staff Council, Vice-President of the High Presidium, and Commissioner for War, concurrently.

He remains a strong candidate to be appointed as Szodan of Benacia, although this will bring him into conflict with Lors Bakker-Kalirion, the son of Daniyal ibn Daniyal, who is also known to harbour the same ambition.

The death of his father, although long expected, grieved Zacharias nonetheless. In spite of the controversies that arose from the Scouring, he petitioned the High Presidium of the Benacian Union for Jeremiah, as befitting a former Szodan of Benacia, to receive a formal state funeral in Merensk.

Appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Transegale Trading Company on 13.V.1724, the day after the demise of his predecessor in office, Gunther Bauer.

Honors and Awards