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Kingdom of Ransenar
Population: 408,242 (5th in Ransenar)
Government Government of the Royal City of Goldfield
Predominant Languages
Predominant Religions Cedrism, Holdomatic Cedrozurvanism
Lord Mayor Conán Ó Seoigh


The city was established following the foundation of the Kingdom of Ransenar in the aftermath of the Kalirion Fracture, expressly for the purpose of providing a new national capital away from Goldshire Hamlet, where the legacies of Shirerithian rule ran deep.

The city would give its name to the Community of Goldfield, an economic Pact involving Ransenar, Natopia, and Nouvelle Alexandrie, which would subsequently develop into a significant bloc within the Raspur Pact.

During the period following accession into the Benacian Union in 1711 AN, the financial sector of Goldfield, centred around the city's bourse, swiftly grew to a position of preeminence in the Union-State, complemented by its relative proximity to Chryse, the union capital and main entrepot for trade with the wider Raspur Pact, and Teldrin, the primary seat of the Honourable Company in Benacia.