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Congress of Chryse

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The Congressional Flag (shown above) and the Congressional Emblem which it features as they were agreed upon in the 1703 Session.

The Congress of Chryse is the highest legislative body of the Benacian Union, one that, being comprised of the victors of the Second Elwynnese Civil War placed itself above all laws from the moment of its victory. As a self-appointed permanent institution, comprised of representatives of Benacia Command, the Honourable Company, and the Nationalist & Humanist Party, has thus far sat in the following sessions:

  • 1st Session (1696-1698): Produced the "final act" which reflected the extra-legal status of the victors of the civil war and the prevailing anti-constitutional sentiment in the immediate aftermath of the vanquishing of Ayreonism and Verionism from the continent of Benacia;
  • 2nd Session (1703): Convened to restore nominal constitutional governance upon the subject realms of the union, to address the status of the Sovereign Confederation within the union and the status of Normark outside of it.

Subordinate offices