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Benacian Censorate

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Benacian Censorate
Abbreviation BC
Formation 1698 AN
Type Censor
Headquarters Chryse
Region served Union-state
Official languages Istvanistani and Praeta
Lord High Censor Heinrich Adolphus Kryptsinger
Parent organization Congress of Chryse

Deriving its authority from the Office of the Lord High Censor, who is himself directly appointed by the Congress of Chryse, the Benacian Censorate has the remit of counting all souls in the Benacian Union, the upholding of certain moral standards, and the maintenance of a Harmonious Society within the Union-State.

Remit & duties

Visitations by higher officers of the Censorate were seldom entirely welcomed at the bailiwick level. Recommendations for the next sitting of the Cull Commission were regularly feared consequences of such.
  • The conduct of assizes for the purpose of examining the population of a given realm, governorate, and bailiwick, and the status, standing, and cultural peculiarities of subjects found dwelling in the areas under inspection.
  • The appointment of censors to bailiwicks for the purpose of maintain the registers of subjects and guild members, their service, their year cohorts, and their eligibility for further duties.
    • Censors are obliged to sit upon the tribunal of a Cull Commission in those bailiwicks where such have been constituted.
  • Collaboration with the Worshipful Guild of the Sacred Carnifices and the Corps of the Gentlemen-at-Cudgels to eradicate illegal drug use in those realms where recreational drug use is permitted only within the bounds of designated Paradise Districts, where the Guild of the Lotus enjoys monopoly rights on supply and distribution.
  • Liaison with the Sacred Secretariat within Divine Chancellery of the United Ecclesiastical Corporation of Benacia on matters of ecclesiastical appointments within the Benacian Union.
  • The identification of subjects who have lapsed in their obligations to the Guilds of Benacia, and the reporting of the same.
  • 1700 Edict for the Improvement of Culture: The exposure of subjects of the Benacian Union to foreign cultural artefacts is a matter within the purview of the Benacian Censorate, reporting to the Lord High Censor and the Congress of Chryse, and the introduction of any form of memetic contagion is something to be robustly warded against. Duties include:
    • The issuance of Content Creation Licences to vetted authors, composers, directors, producers, screenwriters, singers, songwriters, and users of the Benacian Data Network;
    • The issuance of the nihil obstat and imprimatur declarations that a work is free of doctrinal or moral error and can be released for publication;
    • The collection of dues, fees, and fines, from licenced Content Creators;
    • The persecution and eradication of unlicensed content creators and their works.
  • Coordination with the Commission for the Panopticon concerning those subjects who are in defiance of the Union Covenant.
  • Routine monitoring of subjects, in conjunction with the Commission for the Panopticon, to ensure that they are assigned an accurate "merit score" in the Societal Compliance Utility Matrix (1716 AN onwards).
  • Evaluation of subjects returning from voluntary service with the Benacian Labour Reserve (1729 AN onwards).