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United Ecclesiastical Corporation of Benacia

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Covenanted worshipers engaged in the adoration of the Sacred Flame of the Highest Divinity, Araxion, circa 1712 AN.

The United Ecclesiastical Corporation of Benacia (refereed to also as the Vicars of the High Gods), established in 1701 AN is a unitary body representing all congregations of faith, operating within the territorial jurisdiction of the Benacian Union, which retained their lawful existence through adherence to the Covenant.



The seat of the UECB's ruling council, along with its attendant administrative apparatus, is maintained at the Dark Orchid Temple in Araxion.

The Council of Araxion, meeting in conclave every four years from 1708 AN onwards, consisted of the seniormost prelate of each subordinated faith within the Benacian Union. It's enduring remit is to ensure the proper alignment of the faithful to the doctrines embedded in the Union Covenant, and to coordinate the structures and actions of their churches so as to bring them into harmonious obedience to the Highest Divinity.

Amongst the duties of the Council is to appoint for a four year term a Chancellor for the Divine Chancellery of the United Ecclesiastical Corporation of Benacia. This Chancellery consists of the Sacred Secretariat, which liaises with the Benacian Censorate regarding ecclesiastical appointments and the Benacian Academy concerning the School of Divinity. Also subordinate to the Chancellery is the Worshipful Corporation of the Sacred Redactors, which carries on the most holy task of correcting scripture, which has been corrupted into error over the course of centuries by the profane hands of translators, transcribers, copyists, and printers.

Separate from the Chancellery is the Congregation for the Protection of the Faithful, under the authority of a Rector appointed by the Council, which attends to ecclesiastical discipline in cooperation with the Worshipful Guild of the Sacred Carnifices. The Congregation further supervises the Ecclesiastical Corporation of Hospitaliers, which was chartered by the Council of Araxion to attend to the suffering of those subjects without merit who were ineligible to receive medical care from the network of Guild Hospitals within the Union-State.