Operation Sanctuary

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Operation Sanctuary: A mission initiated jointly by the Black Legions and the Nationalist & Humanist Party on 13.II.1690 AN to secure and exfiltrate key N&H figures in Drak-Modan, particularly those associated with the Modani People's Union and the pre-Fracture Shirerithian regime in Modan, and to secure Sabatini Island, the site of a key naval base, in the face of mounting disorder in the country and an intervention by neighbouring Sanama.

The operation was concluded by 8.III.1691 AN, with forces associated with Benacia Command consolidating on the island of Sabatini, where the naval station and dockyards remained a key logistics hub for the Southern Banner Group.

Capture of Ira Rasputin

Deconfliction with Sanaman Armed Forces

Pacification of Sabatini Isle

Arrival of the Modanese Boat People