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The City of Erudition, on the island of Amity, in the Emirate of Sathrati, is a notable Shirerithian bailiwick and liberty. The city was the site of the Congress where the Protocols that governed Sathrati during its period of independence was negotiated, and it subsequently served as the headquarters of the Emirati Red Lion and Sun Society.


A bailiff is resident in the city to represent the interests of the Count of Erudition. Agents and envoys of the Count Palatine of Mirioth and Amity and the Council of Sathrati are also active within the bounds of the city and maintain their separate households and retinues. A court of aldermen, comprised of representatives of the historic guilds of Benacia, has been encouraged by the Count of Erudition to establish a municipal corporation, responsible for the upkeep and improvement of the city, which would in turn report to his bailiff on all matters of consequence.

Garrison and security

The Jaysh al-Sathrati maintain cantonments within the boundaries of the city. The Honourable Impressment Company of Sathrati established a recruitment office in Erudition during XI.1718 AN.


Although having fallen into decline during the early 18th century after Norton, Amity Boatyards were at one time a major employer in Erudition, and the drydocks associated with the enterprise continue to see some limited activity to this day.

The city hosts a branch of the Imperial and Emirati Bank of the Sathrati Islands.


The School of Erudition, whose origins can be traced back to the first period of Babkhan settlement in Shireroth, is a private boarding school which accepts enrolments from the houses of the Imperial Peerage and the lesser nobility.