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Sarah Dravot-Osman

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Sarah Dravot-Osman
Dravot II.png
Physical information
Species Human
Race Human
Gender Female
Hair color and style Blonde
Eye color Blue
Skin color White
Biographical information
Date of birth 1620 AN
Years of service 1652 – present

Sarah Dravot-Osman, Countess Palatine of Mirioth and Amity, Lady of the Holy Lakes, is a politician and business leader, and is married to Aurangzeb Tokaraizadeh al-Osman. She has been Chairman of the ESB Group since 1.V.1668.

She was appointed as Director for Euran Operations of the ESB-Jörmungandr_Group on 5.XIII.1652, and concurrently took a seat at its Board of Directors, elected to Chairmanship of the Group 16 years later. Elected Chairman and member of the Board of Directors of the Atacama Corporation in 1663, and remained at that position until the present.

In recognition of her economic and political influence, she was appointed Imperial Senator of the Imperial Synkletos of the Imperial State of Constancia in 1667. On the death of Isabella Simrani-Kalirion, with the strong support of varied Euran interests, she was easily elected International Chair of the Nationalist & Humanist Party, and consolidated leadership thereof, duly ratified by the Nationalist and Humanist World Congress in 1683, of which she was also elected Chair.

Awarded the honour and dignity of being addressed as "Heroine of the Revolution" in 1689 for the contributions of N&H Party to the successful revolution in Zeed.

Decree of the Union of the Republics of Zeed, awarding Sarah Dravot-Osman the honorary title "Hero of the Revolution" for the part played by the N&H in the September Revolution


Acclaimed as Archon of the National Sector Party for Constancia, in spite of facing rumours of a coup in the party against her leadership on account of her advanced age, on 10.I.1694 AN.

She has a son, Daniyal Aurangzeb Kalirion-Osman, who married Miranda Isabella Anders in 1684.