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Tarjei Thorgilsson

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Tarjei Thorgilsson
1703 Tarjei Thorgilsson.png
Physical information
Species Human
Race Norse
Gender Male
Hair color and style Black
Eye color Blue
Skin color White
Biographical information
Date of birth 1644

Tarjei Thorgilsson Einhorn is the present King of Normark (since 1703).

Born 1644 AN. Son of the Kaiser Dominus. Mother unknown although believed to have been a party to the Complex Marriage (a form of marriage with multiple partners) inaugurated by the Kaiser in an attempt to secure his genetic legacy before facing the coup-plotters in his unsuccessful attempt to avert the conspiracy that would culminate in the Oustfest Massacre. Raised by Eliza Carstens, acknowledged common-law partner of the late Kaiser Dominus between the years 1635 and 1644, as her own at the Manor of Qasr-e-Qand in the Bailiwick of Mohamedion and kept apart from the other offspring born of the Complex Marriage. Retired FMT accredited tennis player (highest ranking 29th). Holder of tribunal rank with the Varþataræn of the Black Legions. Överstelöjtnant of the Reserves with the 35th Territorial Division of the UDF. Resident for the Honourable Company in Sårensby, contributing to the Keltian desk of the ESB Intelligencer. Subscriptions and correspondence officer for the Trade Board of Normark. President of the Sårensby chapter of the Einhornselskapet. Declared Statsminister of Normark during the 1688 Normark political crisis, however was obliged to seek sanctuary in the UDF cantonment in Sårensby following the failure of the Einhornselskapet attempt at taking power. Named beneficiary of the Tarjeisson Trust. Possessor of title deeds to the manor of Zahhak in the Bailiwick of Mohamedion by virtue of the Tarjeisson Complex Marriage Community Trust. With the reorganisation of the Einhornselskapet into the Regional Sector Party of the Elwynnese National Sector Party of the N&H in 1694, Tarjei received recognition as Ahmst Mairstranin and a place on the National Cadre as leader of the regional party.


Bred under N&H Future Leadership Programme

Commencing in 1672, Tarjei Thorgilsson received a stipend from the Nationalist and Humanist Party to establish a Normark branch of the N&H Future Leadership Programme. As branch manager, Tarjei was tasked with arranging the purchase of suitable residential properties and recreational venues, the engagement of suitable Normarkers in service of the programme, and the arrangement of hospitality for visiting dignitaries seconded to the programme. As a scion of an Imperial bloodline in good standing with the cadres of the N&H, Tarjei was also permitted to avail himself of the amenities he had care of.

Honors and Awards